Friday, November 01, 2013

Dems run a candidate for 47th

The 47th District is going to be an active battle in 2014. The dems announce their first candidate, to go along with the four candidates (Karl Kling dropped out to be Cleary University's first baseball coach - LCRP wishes him well) that have announced on the Republican side.

From the Argus

Former Livingston County Democratic Party chairman Jordan Genso today announced his candidacy for the state House seat currently held by state Rep. Cindy Denby, R-Handy Township.
Denby is term-limited, which has ushered in several potential Republican candidates for the House seat in the highly conservative district.
Genso is the first Democrat to announce candidacy for the seat, which represents the townships of Conway, Cohoctah, Deerfield, Hartland, Howell, Handy, Iosco, Unadilla, Oceola, Marian, and Tyrone; and the city of Howell and part of the city of Fenton.
Genso, a local real estate agent, filed his paperwork this week to form his candidate committee. He said his campaign will promote increasing public education funding; creating a "more sustainable" tax policy; legalizing gay marriage in Michigan; and legalizing marijuana.
“I want to restore a little sanity to our irrational political culture, and I believe we need more politicians that exhibit intellectual honesty. I know that it is cliché, but I am trying to be the change that I want to see in the world," Genso said in a statement.

I've met Jordan a couple of times but I can't say I know him. From what I can see, Jordan strikes me as ambitious and I'm going to take him seriously as a candidate. I don't think he's going to run a lazy campaign. That said, Jordan's got a tough road ahead of him. This district is even more republican than it was for Joe or Cindy with more marginal Putnam and Hamburg now in the 42nd in exchange for base areas in Marion and Oceola Townships. Is it impossible for him to win? Anything can happen if our nominee is a disaster and doesn't work on the campaign trail, and Jordan runs the campaign of his life. Scott Brown's happened in reverse as well. Ask Don Sherwood who lost a solid R district due to having a less than upstanding personal life. If the dems can lose occasionally in a Hawaii congressional district, Massachusetts statewide, and a New Orleans based congressional district, then we can not afford to be arrogant, even in a 63%+ R district. Note to Dr Hank Vaupel, Wendy Day, Harold Melton, and Charlie Aberasturi - we can't get caught looking. If we all do our part and don't badly blunder, we will win. Never underestimate the ability of politicians to badly blunder however. I don't need to rehash history there.

I've heard rumors of more candidates jumping in on the R side. This could easily be another 2002 style of primary here.

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