Monday, November 11, 2013

Howell Mayor Phil Campbell jumps into 47th District race

Phil Campbell is the 5th candidate to jump into the 47th District race. He's currently mayor of Howell and recently was unopposed for a 2nd term.

From WHMI:

11/11/13 - Howell Mayor Phil Campbell has announced that he plans to run for the 47th District seat in the Michigan House of Representatives in 2014. The seat is currently held by Cindy Denby, who is term-limited. Campbell says along with continuing his business-focused policies at the state level, he wants to promote limited government and give more power to local municipalities. He joins a growing list of local Republicans interested in the position, including Handy Township Supervisor Hank Vaupel, former Howell School Board Trustee Wendy Day, Hartland School Board Treasurer Charlie Aberasturi, and local business owner Karl Kling. The only Democrat to seek the position so far has been Jordan Genso, who is a member of the FlexTech High School Board of Directors. Campbell was first elected Mayor of Howell in 2011, and this month he ran unopposed for his second term. The 47th House District includes eleven townships in Livingston County as well as the City of Howell. (TD)

Kling dropped out to become head baseball coach of Cleary University. Harold Melton wasn't mentioned and he's running.

I'll have to confirm this, but I'm fairly certain that if Phil wins,  Mayor Pro Tem Allen Schlittler will be the next mayor of Howell and there will be an appointment by the current council for the remaining spot on the city council. There won't be any May/August special election, as there was for county commissioner.

In a 5+ candidate race, anything can happen. Usually the most organized campaign wins. One good thing about this many candidates is that there are plenty of choices in the primary. Hopefully everything stays clean and positive this primary as we have some good candidates.

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