Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Elections Report - Outside the County

There are lots to cover with elections. First outside the county.

1. Detroit Mayor. Mike Duggan is the first whitey to be mayor there since Roman Gribbs. As far as my opinion on Duggan. This song from The Who comes to mind.

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." I have very little expectations for Ed McNamara cronies, white or black. Napoleon was the lesser of two evils.

2. Virginia. Wasn't surprised. Dems won a close race for governor 48-45-7. There's plenty of blame on all sides. This was decided when the cowardly consultant class didn't contest the race and conceded this before a late push. There was too many unforced errors and too much infighting with the Republicans, along with more and more government workers in Northern Virginia. There has long been a "primary" vs "convention" debate regarding nominations in different states. The "Vote for me I'm a true conservative which automatically qualifies me" crowd got an unelectable LG (lost by 10 pts) which dragged down the ticket. That wing gets blame too. That one wasn't on the establishment.  Ken Cuccinelli was a flawed candidate, but he didn't quit and almost pulled off the upset despite dealing with a fractured party over the convention. Virginia used to have primaries for governor. This year it was a convention. The current LG, Bolling didn't have a chance in the convention. On the same note, he wasn't a team player when the results were in and kept threatening to run as an independent (so screw him too). The biggest lesson here is to be careful with conventions and which candidate you nominate. It has to be electable. That doesn't mean moderate. That doesn't mean liberal. that doesn't mean conservative. Electable is who can win. Which candidate limits unforced errors (foot in mouth disease, laziness), inspires people to go to the polls, is competent and can appeal to independents, and doesn't kick the base in the teeth. It's not an easy decision and doesn't have an easy answer.

3. New Jersey. Chris Christie was uncontested and won big. I think he's good to have in a place like Jersey, but I'd have a tough time voting for him for president. 2nd Amendment concerns, along with a bit of an ego streak that reminds me a bit of Graham. I don't put him in that category yet. Pragmatism is good. Look at me egoism is not good. Does he want to be the guy that gets things done, or does he want to be the guy that goes on TV and bash Republicans to make himself look good.

There isn't a lot of coattails. The media is spinning this as conservative vs moderate crap, but it is and was way more complicated than that as it always is.

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