Friday, January 31, 2014

Another LT Governor Challenger?

Found this in the Detroit News

Another Republican wants Calley's job

The number of would-be Republican convention challengers for Lt. Gov. Brian Calley could double. Lapeer attorney Todd Courser has been emailing supporters with a survey about whether he should run.
It is an interesting development given that fellow tea party advocate Wes Nakagiri announced months ago he’ll battle to replace Calley as the junior partner in Gov. Rick Snyder’s virtually certain re-election bid. A year ago, Courser came close to wresting party leadership away from Bobby Schostak.
It appears the possible dual threats to Calley have sparked suspicions of GOP infighting over delegate selection for the summer 2014 convention. Courser and tea partiers are leery of efforts — real or imagined — from the party mainliners to weed out potential delegates who wouldn’t support Calley.
“If those who are in leadership in the party are using their official position to recruit pro-Calley and suppress anti-Calley, isn’t that the party leadership getting involved in primaries?” Courser wondered this week in a Facebook post. “Isn’t this the party picking winners and losers in elections that are supposed to open and fair for all Republicans?”
Stay tuned.

Wes Nakagiri is currently challenging Calley. Todd Courser isn't backing Nakagiri because Nakagiri endorsed Schostak.

I am staying neutral in the Lt Governor race at this time. It is as of now a two way race between Brian Calley and Wes Nakagiri and there is no campaign finance committee for Courser regarding Lt Governor. Those who 'might' run are not candidates. As one of my more famous or infamous quotes within the party goes, "if you're not in, you're out." Therefore, I don't consider this getting involved in this race as Courser isn't as of now running. On the same note, while I won't endorse in the Lt Governor race, some things need to be said about Todd Courser. 

He ran for State Rep in 2008. He lost in the primary.

He ran for State Senate in 2010. He lost in the primary.

He ran for State Board of Education in 2012 - He lost in the general. 

He ran for State Party Chair. He lost.

I don't know if he's won a party leadership position in Lapeer, but I've heard he's never been an officer there. 

Courser is 0-4. I don't know all the ins and outs of each race, but there's a reason one goes 0-4, and he Courser doesn't live in a safe democrat area where 0-4 is excusable simply based on demographics. There's a reason why I voted for Schostak at the convention where we voted for State Party Chair. 0-3 was the biggest reason. If Courser runs for governor and wants our votes at the convention, he needs to explain to us how putting "0-4" on the ballot would help us win.

Talking about principles is just that. Talk. Principles aren't worth anything unless they can be enacted in action. 

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