Friday, January 17, 2014


It's been a busy month with work, so I haven't had the time to update this site as much. A few things in the news.

Yesterday was the State of the State address. Here's the speech

Locally, the Argus is stirring up stuff with Brighton Schools again over the board's choice for president. Nick Fiani.

A school board member with the least amount of experience among his peers will lead the Brighton Area Schools Board of Education.
The board, on a 5-2 vote, selected Nick Fiani to serve as president at its Monday meeting. Outgoing Vice President Bill Anderson and Beth Minert voted no.
Despite serving only a year on the board, Fiani, 26, said he’s ready.
“I think I’m experienced and have the knowledge I need to lead the board and district,” Fiani said.
Fiani said the district has become more fiscally responsible, and he said this can be “attributed to my presence on the board.”

Many people don't know this, but Brighton Schools was in very real danger of  getting an emergency manager. They had deficits in a row and were not fixing the problem in an adequate manner. It took newer board members like Nick Fiani and John Conely along with Superintendent Greg Gray to stop that from happening. Some progress is being made, and they are starting to work their way out of danger. There's a lot of work still to be done. The MEA can't stand Nick Fiani and have a target on his back. Nick's got a tough job ahead of him, but he's a smart guy who is confident, able to adapt, and is very good with numbers.

Also, within the party, the campaign between Brian Calley and Wes Nakagiri is heating up. Both sides have been calling current precinct delegates and recruiting people to vote for their people to go to state convention to vote for their candidate. The state convention that elects Lt Gov will be after the August primary, where precinct delegates are elected. I'm concerned about the unintended consequences and fallout from this race from a party related standpoint. It has nothing to do with Wes and Brian themselves, nor their direct campaigns. They are running for office and have campaigns to run. The best chance they have is by influencing the voting pool, and that's what they are doing. If I was running for Lt Governor, AG, Secretary of State, and University Trustee, I'd be doing the same thing Wes and Brian's people are doing.

The concern I have is the party leadership fallout. Precinct delegates elect 1/2 of the executive committee for a county party, and the state delegates that elect district and state party leadership, as well as (eventually) RNC Committee members. I have seen some very cliquish sounding speeches (from a resident of another country, not Livingston) recently regarding party leadership talk.When I hear talk about "takeovers" and "purges", I have a real problem with that. In my experience 99% of the "takeover" pushers are also incompetents that do not know what they are doing, regardless of intention. The precinct delegates I hope win are those who are hard working and thoughtful independent thinkers who use facts and make independent decisions instead of falling into clique thinking that will get us in major trouble. These votes will affect us long after the Lt Governor race is decided. These will affect the structure going into 2014, a rare open seat for President.

 As far as Wes Nakagiri vs Brian Calley, I am staying neutral in this. Publicly and privately. I personally haven't made my decision outside of voting for the hardest working candidate that has the least amount of shenanigans from their camp. Run your election, and tell me why you should get my vote. Tell me how you would help the ticket send Mark Schauer back to Battle Creek. Schauer has a 14 year record. It's bad. He's the type that will talk moderate and vote far leftist because he does what he's told by leadership. Cap and Trade. Banning CPL in cars. Obamacare. Partial Birth Abortion. Public funding for abortions. Granholm's tax increases. Anybody but Schauer.

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