Tuesday, January 28, 2014

State of the Union Address

The State of the Union Address is tonight. I'll be skipping it. I have more important things to do tonight, like watch the Michigan State game.

I can't believe a word that the Peter Principle in Chief says anyway. 

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PhreedomPhan said...

I like your term Peter Principle in Chief. I think that applies to all who have occupied the White House for the past century. I predicted Obama would be the worst President we ever had based on the "Law of Progression" which simply states that each new president will be worse than his predecessor. The reason for this is that none make any serious attempts to repeal the crimes of their predecessors, but they all add crimes of their own.

That's not really the reason I'm commenting. Going through my old files on computer I came across this reference to a 2010, "Secretary of State Project." I thought you might be interested in work I'd done fighting regionalism, a program that dates back to the early part of the last century. The goal is the elimination of our State and local governments as we now know them.


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