Thursday, July 28, 2005

(Future) Senator Butler comes to Livingston County

I just got back from the TAR's meet the candidate's night in Oceola Twp between Howell and Hartland. The featured speaker is our next senator - Keith Butler. We had a good turnout of about 100 people - especially since there was NO media coverage whatsoever beforehand. WHMI and the Detroit News did show up there. I'll update this post when the reports are in.

Keith Butler is an excellent speaker. You can hear Butler's announcement tour speech at his website. What also impressed me is that unlike most federal candidates, he opened the floor for questions and answered all of the in an straightforward matter without the usual "politaspeak". He'll be a great senator and has my vote.

Kudo's to the Livingston County Teenage Republicans(TAR's) for putting on this great event, and a Thank You to the Life Christian Church for hosting this event for us.

(Edit 2/25 - this was before I met Jerry Zandstra who I currently endorse. While I still think highly of Butler, Jerry's economic policy is what is needed in Washington)


Anonymous said...

Why didn't more people come to see Keith Butler when he came to Livingston County? It was a very small group.

Anonymous said...

Livingston Co is a strong area for KKK and other such activity, so I'm not surprised in the least.

Republican Michigander said...

That's a pile of horse manure, and I probably shouldn't even dignify this with a response. The Klan hasn't been active here in at least 15 years since Robert Miles died. It's just that you people always try and keep his ghost alive.

In the last 4 years, blacks have even won election countywide here. Our state senator is an American of Mexican descent. Being Catholic or Jewish isn't an issue here either.