Friday, July 22, 2005

Michigan Senate 2006

We will start with the Senate Race. Currently, there are two official challengers to Debbie Stabenow. There are several reasons why Ms. Stabenow needs to be sent back to the private sector.

On a non-ideological argument, she has not sponsored one law in the ten years she has been in Congress. For someone who is considered the number three Democrat in the Senate, that is not a record of effectiveness. All she has done is TALK about Canadian Trash, without DOING anything about it. This has been the case for at least six years. She is worthless.

Secondly, she is an obstructionist who blocks President Bush's judges from even coming up to a vote. Until this year, she's "blue slipped" four judges from our own state of Michigan from being seated to the appeals court. If President Bush wanted to, he could have snubbed our entire state and seat judges from other states instead to the court reducing our representation there. Way to represent our state, Debbie.

Third, she is excessively liberal for this state. She voted to ban .30-30 ammunition (but still claims to support hunting...go figure). The .30-30 is the basic deer-hunting round. She supports partial birth abortion. She opposes tax cuts. She supports socialized medicine.

Fourth - I will let this quote from a letter to one of the members of Michigan Gun Owners speak for itself.
"""I share your support for Second Amendment rights. However, law enforcement agents across the state have made it clear to me that keeping guns such as uzis and semi-automatic machine guns off our streets will help make our communities safer"""

I own guns. I shoot guns. I have no idea what a semi-automatic machine gun is.


Since Senator Stabenow is worthless, let us look at her opponents. So far, three opponents are officially in this race. One of them is Bart Baron. Mr. Baron is a frequent candidate who ran against Democrat Sander Levin in 2000, and Republican Joe Knollenberg in the 2002 primary. He switched parties, became a Democrat in 2004 to run against Knollenberg again, and lost in the primary. Now he is a Republican again? Next!

Another more interesting opponent is Jerry Zandstra of the Acton Institute over near Grand Rapids. He was recently profiled in the American Spectator. Zanstra has many good ideas and arguments. He should add much to the debates.

However, my support barring any major surprises goes to Keith Butler for three major reasons.

1. He's won a previous election. He's the only Republican to win an election in the city of Detroit in the past 40 years. That in itself is an amazing accomplishment. When he won, the city was 88% Democrat. Today it is 93% Democrat. Butler has the ability to reduce the losses in the City of Detroit. If he can do so, and keep the white republicans in his camp, he wins. Can he do so? That is the question. I think we’re more racially progressed in Michigan since the Bill Lucas disaster in 1986.

2. He is also a strong conservative. We do not have to go "RINO" (Republican in Name Only) to win. We do not beat somebody with nothing. What we have to do is communicate our ideas in an effective manner to win. President Reagan was a master at this. Keith Butler is an excellent communicator with strong opinions and ideas. He is pro-life, pro-jobs, pro-small business, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-secure borders. You can hear him for yourself at his Website by clicking on the events and watch announcement areas.

3. His campaign organization is impressive. He already has an office opened up in Lathrup Village(Southfield). He has a strong volunteer base, and he's already been campaigning hard all across the state at various Lincoln Day Dinners(Each County Republican Party has one).

In fact, he'll be here in Livingston County on July 28th at a Meet the Candidate night sponsored by our Teenage Republicans. The event is from 5:30-7:30 at:
Life Christian Church
5202 E. Highland Rd. (M-59)
Howell, MI (Between Howell and Hartland)

You can hear him for yourself then.


Anonymous said...

Two thoughts, one is, some intrepid Michgan blogger -- ahem -- needs to do to her what the DaschlevThune guy did in South Dakota.

Second, I think the label that needs to be plastered on Debbie Stabenow is "New York's Third Senator." Point out that she votes in lockstep with Hillary. Point out the lack of legislation authored by her.

Third, the other issue is balance. Michigan already has one far-left senator in Carl Levin, a relic from the Meathead Era of American liberalism. Her opponent should point out that the rest of Michigan, the moderate-to-conservative part, deserves a voice as well.

Bachbone said...

Stabenow, like Levin, will have permanent residence in D.C. until the GOP gets serious candidates and spends the dough necessary to replace them.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The national GOP will focus on the open seat in Republican-trending Minnesota, ousting a vulnerable incumbent in Washington (Cantwell), and defending a vulnerable incumbent in Pennsylvania (Santorum). Without dough and a strong candidate, I'd say even Robert Byrd is more vulnerable than Stabenow.

Barring a great candidate and strong financial support, the GOP's only shot is a huge backlash against Granholm and maybe a Durbin-like gaffe by Ditzy Debbie. I don't think the former is enough and I don't think the latter is very likely. Ditzy Debbie doesn't say much besides "Yes, Hillary."

Republican Michigander said...

Stabenow and Granholm are my top two targets here.

I think we all agree that Butler is a longshot. He will give Stabenow a race, but can he get the 3-5% extra votes needed. Lately there has been a 47-48% ceiling where Republicans can't break past. Mike Cox(att general) and Terri Lynn Land (Secretary of State) are the only two recent candidates to do so statewide and that was in 2000.

Butler did raise $800,000 in the last quarter, which got him some notice and support in national party. It's not enough, but it is something to build on. JC Watts and Kemp are working to get him national money. The evangelicals absolutely love him and are giving him a strong grass roots base.

Unfortunatly, we don't have a star Rogers or Miller running for this spot, but Butler is IMO a good darkhorse candidate and can make things interesting. There's always at least one upset in each political race. I think the atmosphere in Michigan will push for change due to the economy.

true believer said...

I think you should back Butler. Stick with the Evangelicals, let them lead the way for Republicans.

Republican Michigander said...

Don't worry. Butler will have some Irish Catholic support as well. :)

SchmoopDogg said...

Butler's candidacy will implode at some point. The base isn't as excited as you think.

Republican Michigander said...

I have two problems with Zandstra. The first is his support for CAFTA/NAFTA, and the other is the fact that he's never run for office before.

I'd vote for Zandstra if he wins the primary, since he's 10 times better than Stabenow, but Butler's my first choice due to trade and the fact he's won an election.