Friday, July 22, 2005

Michigan Gubernatorial Race 2006

* UPDATED 9-18-05 - All candidates except Dick DeVos have dropped out. He's now the man.

On to the gubernatorial race

All the democrats have been doing are blaming President Bush and Governor John Engler. While I do believe some of the blame falls to NAFTA and GATT(Signed by one Mr. Clinton), The rest of the country is recovering economically. As for John Engler, we have had three years of Granholm now. It is time for the excuses to stop. It is time for the “tax shift” gimmicks to stop. The problem is Ms. Granholm, the democrats in the house and senate, and about 10-15 Republicans who break party ranks and are not fiscally responsible. It is time to toss the bums out and inject the legislature with some new blood. We made some improvements in 2004 with a change in Republican leadership that is more willing to take on Granholm and her tax gimmicks

I am currently undecided in who I am supporting in the primary. What I hope to see is a gubernatorial candidate who will push for the following issues:

1. Elimination of the Single Business Tax. Period. Most job growth in this country is among small businesses. This should be a no-brainer.
2. No more taxes. No more fees. No more shifts. No more tax gimmicks, which are nothing more than a band-aid over the budget problem.
3. A diversified economy. We still live and die with the automobile industry here. Most of our jobs are still tied to the Big Three.
4. A cut in the red tape bureaucratic nonsense. I was recently at a CSE/Freedomworks event which sharply pointed out the differences in how Michigan and the South deal with businesses moving into their states. In short, the South is much more progressive than we are because they eliminate the red tape and permits to make things easier for the business.

So who is up to bat?

1. Dick DeVos. He’s currently the frontrunner and is a long time activist for the party. He’s a Grand Rapids area businessman who has given his time and money to several conservative causes, especially in educational matters. His campaign is just starting, and we will soon hear more about his plan for Michigan.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how often you update your site but there is someone else running for governor on the Republican ticket. His name is Dr. Louis C. Boven and he is Holland. For more information you can visit his website at

Anonymous said...

I am all for a different direction for Michigan but DeVos in my opinion does not represent the majority of us republicans. I like to here more about
Louis C. Boven. We need another choice.