Monday, October 17, 2005

Republicans - Do not donate to the bums at the NRSC (National Republican Senate Committee)

I just saw the most offensive ad in history by a political party committee. It's from the NRSC, which is the National Republican Senate Committee, which is supposed to elect Republican senators. However, they have decided to spend republican campaign money against other republicans instead of electing them to office.

Cranston Mayor and Republican Steve Laffey is challenging RINO Lincoln Chafee in the Rhode Island primary. Chafee has threatened to jump parties and did not even vote for President Bush in 2004. The NRSC has gotten involved in the primary, and are not only supporting Chafee, but they are running TV attack ads against Laffey. They are even bragging about this on their website.

We have tough senate races across the country. Santorum has a tough defense, and there are possibilities to win in New Jersey, Florida, Nebraska, Washington, West Virginia and right here in Michigan. These are all expensive races, so why is the NRSC spending Republican money to attack another Republican running against someone who did not even vote for President Bush? Someone explain that to me.

It's time for Liddy Dole and her NRSC campaign managers to step aside, and let someone competent take over. With friends like the NRSC, who needs enemies. If you don't like the idea of Republicans like Steve Laffey being attacked by a supposed Republican Organization, let them know.

Ronald Reagan Republican Center
425 2nd Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002

And if you would like to replace a RINO in the senate with a moderate, as well as send the NRSC bums a message, donate to Laffey's campaign what you would donate to the NRSC. Then email a copy of the donation to the NRSC's email address.


AuH2ORepublican said...

We're on the same wavelength. Here's the letter I e-mailed to the NRSC:

Bachbone said...

When the RNC and Michigan GOP stopped supporting the people I supported, I started donating directly to the individual candidates. I'll decide where my $$$ should go, not some RINO in a D.C. office or Congress. If the RNC and Michigan GOP ever get their heads back on straight, maybe I'll send them a few bucks again.

Writer said...

I love it when they send me direct mail with a postage paid return envelope. It gives me the chance to send them a message back -- at their cost.

AuH2ORepublican said...

I donated to Laffey what I would have normally given to the NRSC. I don't need the NRSC to decide how to spend my money, especially when they lately have been spending money in the exact opposite way that they should have.