Friday, November 04, 2005

Livingston County GOP passes resolution opposing Brighton Township tree ordinance

In breaking news, tonight at the GOP meeting, the Livingston County GOP passed a resolution opposing the Brighton Township tree ordinance. This is bad leglislation that deserves to be defeated on November 8.

This ordinance is flawed and is intrusive on property rights. I'm not opposed to tree ordinances if they are grounded in science and isn't just big government. Genoa Township has had a tree ordinance for 20 years. This one in Brighton Township on the other hand is unacceptable for the reasons given by CARE for Brighton.

And in a shamless plug, I was the individual who seconded the motion and helped push this through. So blame me, democrats. :)


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I also added Macomb County to the profile list. I'm currently working on Oakland off and on, and should finish that by next week.

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