Tuesday, September 19, 2006

47% all

Latest poll - 47% Granholm, 47% DeVos
It's anyone's game still.


BigShot said...

Now all we need is a lead and we win.

Keith Richards said...

I don't put much stock in polls this far out from elections since so much can happen between now and election day, and even polls taken the day before elections often do a poor job.

This does look bad for Granholm though, because she has been firing her heavy artillery with the saturation campaign of anti-Amway ads and it has done nothing for her in the polls, leaving us to wonder if she has anything left for the final stretch.

Dick Devos's Head said...

I, the Disembodied Head o' Dick Devos claims this blog in the name of Campaign Like a Pirate Day.

I see ye've already joined me quest to take back Michigan for the corporations and special interests. I know that together we can scupper the scurvy dogs and skim some of the cream off the top!

Republican Michigander said...

Shiver me timbers. That ain't nothin left to plunder. Granholm plundered me treasure. Time for her to walk da plank. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dick Devos's Head said...

Yarr, ye be surprised what treasure be left. Me an' me mates be plundering billions per day in the wars and at the gas pumps.

Republican Michigander said...

Argh matey, Ole Jenny plundered the money from the gas pumps already.

Big Kahuna said...

Here is the amazing thing with the polls and the reason I put little stock in them. I have yet to speak to a single person who, even though many have been staunch Democrats in the past, is voting for Granholm in November. Now, if the Livingston County supporters are bailing, don't you think they are bailing all over? Now, clearly we will find out on November 7th but I predict DeVos will run away with it.

gnois said...

Brahahahaha!! ROTFLMAO!! Pleeeez, you are making my sides hurt!! SurveyUSA makes 750 random phone calls and is company owned by newscast companies. Let's see....a MSN owned company that is non-partisan and unbiased?? Yep and Jimmy Hoffa is alive and well in Big Rapids, Michigan.

If you really want a poll that reflects the true nature of Devos's huge lead in the polls, use the newest arrival that guarantees what you want. Rush and Seans new "WegiveyouwhatyouwantaslongasyouarearepublicanUSA" polling4U.com

Virtous Woman said...

I thought I would comment about the fact that the so called "Red Oasis" in a Blue State is only there because of the way Michigan was set up to deny citizens the right to VOTE prior to "the One Man One Vote Legislation of 1963. It is horrible to think that rural people had more votes than people in Cities. You HAD to be Republican to get and hold a job. That doesn't say much for the "Red Oasis". Hire & promote people only like yourself is for paranoid pea brained people. Research & think about it AND READ ABOUT IT IF YOU DARE. Now we have the puppet Chris Ward pushing legislation to require ID. Awful isn't it? Feeling a bit guilty? Signatures are compared at the Voting location and the absentee votes are too so why the ID obstacle? It is because Red Oasis folks want their bit of power, no matter how they obtain it. Paranoia will destroy ya.

Republican Michigander said...

"""Now we have the puppet Chris Ward pushing legislation to require ID. Awful isn't it? Feeling a bit guilty?"""

Nope. Why are you democrats trying to steal elections by stopping ID to vote?

Boss Tweed's still alive and well.

Communications guru said...

What pure BS dan. As we have said before, it’s a positive affirmation when the state’s newspapers agree with the positions we have been taking and agrees with the job killing moves by Mr. Ward and the rest of the Legislative leadership. The latest is the Kalamazoo Gazette. Its editorial Sunday confirms what we have been saying about jobs and the Single Business Tax.

We've said all along that Michigan's Single Business Tax should be eliminated -- but not before the Legislature and governor agree on an alternative source to replace the SBT's $1.9 billion in annual revenue.
Yet the Legislature dove ahead and passed a veto-proof elimination of the SBT without any replacement for the revenue it generated.
Without the SBT or any other business tax to replace it, the Michigan Economic Growth Authority is offering tax credits to entice companies to move to Michigan -- but with a big maybe. After all, it's tough to guarantee the size of a tax credit when there's no tax against which to credit.
So the state's economic developers are having to be vague about tax incentives.
Trouble is, other states are not vague about what they can put on the table. So what's a smart business owner likely to do? Locate in the state that can offer a concrete tax-incentive package? Or opt for the state that can offer only a vague promise?
The longer Michigan goes without a replacement business tax, the harder it will be to get prospective companies to move here. And how many new jobs are we losing right now because of the uncertainty?
What irony. The lack of a replacement for the SBT makes the state unable to guarantee tax credits to prospective employers, which becomes a huge disincentive for out-of-state companies to create jobs here.
We suggest lawmakers try skydiving sans parachutes themselves and let us know how it works out.

Legislation is generally proposed and approved to address a problem. What problem is Ward’s bill addressing, dan? What widespread fraud is being addressed in Michigan by this sham law, dan? You know the answer to that, and this is nothing more than another cheap trick by Ward to stay in power and deter people who traditionally go to the polls and vote Democratic from voting.

Big Kahuna said...

CG: What are you afraid of? I present a drivers license or ID when I cash a check at my bank, use a credit card or board a plane. It does not deter me in any way nor does it prevent me from doing any of those activities. I have often wondered why I don't have to show my ID when I vote. If you are who you say you are then it shouldn't be any problem to confirm it at the polls.