Monday, September 25, 2006

Finally some Conservative Leadership?

Mike Pence may be making a run for leadership after this election. He can bring some fiscal sanity to the house.

From Hotline


Associates and GOP staffers say that Rep. Mike Pence has designs on a senior leadership position in the House regardless of whether Republicans keep control of the House. Remember that he shrugged off pressure from House conservatives to run in November. It just wasn't his time. But now -- it might be. Another insurgent, Rep. John Shadegg, also publicly dipped his golden toe in the water two weeks ago by making sure that his fundraising efforts on behalf of Republican candidates were picked up by the publications that cover Capitol Hill.

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Keith Richards said...

After watching Republican leaders work to defeat conservatives in various primary races around the U.S. this year, getting a conservative elected to the house leadership would be a welcome victory indeed.