Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NRCC jumps in open primary instead of supporting Republicans over Democrats

This can also be titled why Campaign Committees will never receive a dime from me. It's also a reason why the best donations are to individual candidates. That way, I know I won't be spending money on attack ads on republicans (unless I choose who is attacked).

Last October, I took Liddy Dole to task due to the NRSC's spending $125000+ in negative ads against otherRepublicans. I followed up on that in February as well.

Unfortunately, the NRCC is involved in the coronation process as well, this time in an open house race in Arizona. From the AP

The National Republican Congressional Committee last week backed a candidate in the primary, launching a $122,000 advertising campaign for state Rep. Steve Huffman. The party contends Huffman is a moderate candidate who could win the district in November.

On Tuesday, Huffman's four GOP opponents took the unusual step of holding a joint news conference and delivering a message to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

"Stay the hell out of southern Arizona," said Mike Hellon, one of the candidates and a former state party chairman, in an interview following the news conference.

The four contend the NRCC had split the party, handing an advantage to the Democrats. They urged the NRCC to pull its ads and stay quiet until after the Sept. 12 primary.

"This is the granddaddy of unintended consequences," Hellon said in the interview. "They're idiots."

Mike's right. They are idiots. We have several tough seats this election, as in every election, and these idiots are wasting money in a primary. They already dumped money into the Joe Schwarz campaign, and we know how that turned out. My question for the NRCC and NRSC is as follows. "Is it an old boys network, or are your committees just the Peter Principle in action?"

With "Friends" like them, I don't need enemies. I don't think the DC establishment has learned enough of a lesson yet. Maybe a Randy Graf or Mike Hellon win there over the coronated Huffman will be some more good medicine to cure a chronic case of "Beltwayitis."


Paleoconservative said...

Huffman sucks, he's a RINO like Kolbe. Randy Graf is a great fellow and he leads in the polls by a double-digit margin over Huffman. NRCC will have to spend a lot of money and get very nasty to win.

Luther said...

Tell me what is happining here...

Bush Reveals Secret War on Terror, Movement of Suspects

Luther said...

this is quite something....

Bush Reveals Secret War on Terror, Movement of Suspects

Keith Richards said...

I am also unhappy about the way our state party leaders played favorites during the primaries.

The only thing worse than giving money to the opposition party is giving money to the Republican party and then watching them use it to support liberal Republicans over conservative Republicans. Dan is right about one thing: don't donate any money to state/national committees/parties. Instead, save it for individual candidates.

Virtous Woman said...

All of the Republican funders should stay out of Michigan period. There are too many armchair Generals running around who never enlisted in the Armed Forces. Wow how patriotic they are.