Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hey anti-hunters. Go back to the city.

I didn't think this kind of sneering was invading Brighton, but with the cityfolk moving out this way, it's bound to happen. Newsflash to this guy. Livingston County has a lot of hunters so this is news since it is not every day that one gets a moose. If you don't like it, Ann Arbor is just down the road. I suspect this guy is one of those types who feeds the bears at Yellowstone as well.

From the Argus

was sickened by a front-page story in your Sept. 22-23 issue: "The Big Game."
What's so newsworthy about a man killing such a beautiful animal? He also brags about killing a 350-pound black bear.

I realize that hunting is a "sport" and there are times when the herd should be "thinned out," but when you look at that beautiful moose, you wonder why it should be killed. I'm sure that the Yukon is not overcrowded with moose.

I don't see that it's such a big story that it deserves front-page coverage. Maybe the Daily Press & Argus is running out of "positive" news to print.

I've never had moose, but I've had elk before, and it is some of the best venison I've ever had. It's great eating. I don't have a problem with individuals who choose not to hunt. My problem is with anti-hunters who think food is magically created at the supermarket, eat meat, and bash hunting. I don't always agree with Ted Nugent, but he is right when he says. "You can't grill it till you kill it."

Nature needs to be respected, and for more than just its beauty.

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Keith Richards said...

Hunters get a lot more appreciation when the deer population grows out of control. Nothing like getting gardens trimmed to the roots during the summer and having a large buck try to become a hood ornament on your car in October to change minds on the subject of hunting.