Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Democrats still whining about voting laws

The democrats still have a burr up their saddle over Mike Rogers and his win in 2000 From the Argus

State Rep. Rebekah Warren, D-Ann Arbor, has introduced legislation that would allow people to vote even if they have different addresses on their voter registration card and driver's license — making it easier for college students to vote where they attend school, rather than in their

The rule is that people must vote at their permanent address - where their drivers license is. That is how it should be. The democrats don't like that much since it makes it easier to make sure people vote once instead of twice. They are also still mad about Mike Rogers winning in 2000 by 88 votes, partly because SOME college students were ignorant/lazy and did not do their civic duty by knowing the laws. I emphasis some, since I was well aware of the laws. I was an MSU student in 2000 who split my time between Brighton and E. Lansing, and my permanent address was in Brighton for insurance purposes.

I wasn't a republican in 2000 (Independent who split votes about 50/50 between libertarians and Republicans), nor as active as I am today. Even then, I was aware of the then new law that stated that I had to vote at my permanent address. I made the extra effort to find out. I had no problems as I never missed a contested election. While some people were bitching, my ballot was already in Brighton.

The counter argument to the Rogers law is that students have to vote in person and can't vote absentee after they resigstration. A little EFFORT prevents that as well. I voted absentee every election I was at MSU unless I was in Brighton. There was a school board election in either May or June and also an August primary. As long as I voted in person the first time as the place I was registered, I can vote absentee up in Lansing.

The main reason I support the law is to stop voter fraud. It's a major problem, and it occurs in University towns. (Milwaukee - Marquette U had people voting over 10 times, and then bragging abnut it.) This law goes back to the custom of one man (or one woman) and one vote. If you are dead set on wanting to vote at the college town, you can register there as a permanent address. The downside to that is insurance in some cases.

If you don't know election basics, nor are willing to make an effort, you shouldn't be voting anyway - and that goes for Republicans and democrats alike as far as I'm concerned. Civics 101 isn't that hard. All it takes is a little effort. This law is no secret and hasn't been for 7 years. I hope is stays and I hope the state senate shoots it down.


Unknown said...

When I was in college I changed my address each time I moved. It only takes a few minutes at the Secretary of State office and can be done up to 30 days before an election. For the November elections the cutoff date is sometime in the first week of October or almost an entire month after the semester begins.

If the state wants to make it easier for students to vote maybe the Secretary of State should set up at universities for a few weeks after the beginning of the fall semester to make it easier to change addresses. In no case is there a good reason to eliminate this law.

Pogo said...

Democrats, the party of corruption!

Does anyone really believe that Democrats are worried about students? The few votes Democrats get from them is nothing campared to the thousands of extra votes they can get from party loyalists voting over and over.