Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Granholm's tax increase - call your senators and reps now!

The rumor in Lansing is that Granholm is out dealmaking with republicans in safe seats in order to protect marginal democrats who support the Granholm tax, but do not want to vote yes on it since the citizens do not support the Granholm tax proposals.

This is why we need to watch our reps and senators like a hawk and have a long memory on this vote. This vote will be a dealbreaker for me when it comes to future elections and future offices. If my rep votes for this, I'll be voting for someone else in a primary or general election. We can not have a Granholm tax victory to bail out government for its absolute failure in living within its means. We can not destroy our economy even more than it already is.

Republicans are supposed to stand for less government, lower spending (Despite what Bush and Ted Stevens think), and most of all low taxes. When they fail to do so, we need to hold their feet to the fire. I expect higher taxes, big government, and high spending from democrats. If that is what I wanted in a rep, I would have voted democrat.

Senate majority leader Mike Bishop is doing a very good job at holding the line against the Granholm tax with his 2 vote majority. He needs our help. Our citizens need our help.

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Michigan Senate Site

One of the senators who needs to hear from us is our own Valde Garcia. Valde's a good guy who has always been there on the social issues, but unfortunately, I sometimes have to hold my breath when a fiscal vote is up. He usually votes our way, but he did for the "tax shift" a few years back. He needs to hear from us in Livingston County. If this is going to be stopped, it will be stopped in the senate, and we need Valde Garcia to step up and do the right thing. That goes for all of our reps in this state.

We need to make sure that Granholm's deal with safe republicans to protect marginal democrats fail. We need to make sure those marginal democrats do the right thing. We need to make sure that our republicans act like republicans and do the right thing.

No new taxes. Recall Granholm.

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keithr said...

We have a historic opportunity right now to reform some of the problems that keep Michigan from being competitive. Republicans absolutely need to demand reform before even thinking about any new taxes.

This is a make or break issue and is definitely a time when Republicans need to work together as a team. If Mike Bishop can pull this off I'll vote for him in the next governors race.