Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mike Bloomberg in 2008? Hell no!!!

This will be interesting if nothing else. Bloomberg has billions of dollars and would be a credible 3rd party candidate.

The Telegraph from London, England has an interesting write up on him.

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire businessman and mayor of New York, is building the foundations for an audacious third-party presidential candidacy that would transform the 2008 race for the White House.

The Daily Telegraph has established that a senior aide to Mr Bloomberg has held three lunch meetings with officials from the Independence Party, during which detailed discussions took place as to how a third-party bid could be launched.

Kevin Sheekey, Mr Bloomberg's special adviser and chief political strategist, first met Frank MacKay, the New York chairman of the Independence Party, for talks in November at Manhattan's Four Seasons hotel.

Two further lunch meetings took place in quick succession early last month over steak and seafood at the city's well-known Bobby Van's restaurant.

Mr MacKay declined to confirm or deny whether the meetings had happened but said that he thought Mr Bloomberg would make an "excellent candidate".

Meanwhile, a source closely connected to the New York mayor's inner circle said: "He thinks he could be a great president. Mike Bloomberg has got $500 million to spend and he is supremely confident."

Mr Bloomberg, 65, would be likely to run as a social liberal and fiscal conservative with signature issues such as environmentalism and gun control.

Bloomberg would be so bad that I'd rather see Hillary Clinton win than this joker. Bloomberg calls himself a Republican, but was a democrat before he decided to switch parties to avoid a primary in his run for mayor of New York when Giuliani retired. He generally backed Northeastern politicians in general and recently, his biggest support was for Joe Lieberman.

Bloomberg is a epidomy of a big government activist. He raised property taxes and income taxes in New York. He supports a commuter tax. He's banned smoking, and banned trans fats in cooking. He's also a major supporter of gun grabs, and pushes for lawsuits against firearms manufacturers. He also is known to support illegal tactics in sting operations, in an attempt to attack gun dealers in Virginia. He was recently shot down (pun intended) for that by Virginia's AG. This guy is flat out bad news if he wins.

Bloomberg is also like Bush and Kennedy when it comes to illegal immigration. He supports it and supports amnesty.

For all the bad news he'll be, I do hope he runs on a 3rd party platform. I think he'll take a lot of votes away from democrats, particulary in affluent areas. He'd make things a lot easier for the right in New York (homer), Connecticutt (NYC Suburbs), New Jersey (NYC suburbs), Illinois (North Shore), Pennsylvania (Philly Burbs are full of rich liberals), Virginia (Fairfax area), Florida (Palm Beach County, Broward County, part of Miami), California (coast), Oregon (Coast), Washington State (coast), and to a lesser extent, North Carolina (The Triangle), Wisconsin (Madison area), Michigan (Ann Arbor and Oakland County), Ohio (Columbus area), New Mexico, Iowa and Nevada (The latter three are usually decided within 1%). He'll also peel off many Jewish voters as he'd be the first credible Jewish candidate for president in a general election. Think of the Lieberman effect in 2000 Florida, as well as a New York connection. Overall, I can see Bloomberg getting 5-10% nationwide with higher numbers in the Northeast. Even at 5%, it could make things a landslide for the GOP, or swing a close election our way.

If he does run, I think this will be John Anderson all over again. Anderson took votes from Carter and made Reagan's 1980 win a landslide. This could be good news for the GOP....unless a left leaning candidate is the GOP nominee. Then it will be big problems.


keithr said...

The two party system is too deeply ingrained in the U.S. for a 3rd party candidate to have a realistic chance of winning and Bloomberg is smart enough to know this. I have to wonder what his real motives are.

He might actually have a shot at winning if he ran as a Democrat.

If he does run it is certain to liven up the race.

Pogo said...

It is impossible to predict right now now Bloomberg might change the '08 races. We'll just have to see how the races play out.

Joedo said...