Thursday, March 13, 2008

DC Democrats hate freedom - and the 4th Amendment (House to House Searches)

From the most corrupt city in the entire country, bar none. Washington DC. Land of fascists, politicians, Marion Berry, and more often than not, the murder capital of the Western World. I should not be surprised at this on the eve of the DC v Heller oral arguments which start the 18th. This is reason 99999 why I would never live in that City. If work takes me there, I'm going to the more pro-freedom state of Virginia.

This gets my Irish up more than just about anything else

D.C. police are so eager to get guns out of the city that they're offering amnesty to people who allow officers to come into their homes and get the weapons.

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier announced yesterday the Safe Homes Initiative, aimed at parents and guardians who know or suspect that their children or other relatives have guns. Under the deal, police target areas hit by violence and seek adults who let them search their homes for guns, with no risk of arrest. The offer also applies to drugs that turn up during the searches, police said.

The program is scheduled to start March 24 in the Washington Highlands area of Southeast Washington. Officers will go door-to-door seeking permission to search homes for weapons. Police later plan to visit other areas, including sections of Columbia Heights in Northwest and Eckington in Northeast.

"If we come across illegal contraband, we will confiscate it," Lanier said. "But amnesty means amnesty. We're trying to get guns and drugs off the street."

Fenty (D) and Lanier announced the plan as part of a new strategy to deal with the prevalence of firearms in a city that has one of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. The Supreme Court will hear arguments next week in a case challenging the constitutionality of the D.C. law.

Residents who agree to the searches will be asked to sign consent forms. If guns are found, they will be tested to determine whether they were used in crimes. If the results are positive, police will launch investigations, which could lead to charges

Gee, they aren't searching Georgetown.......wonder why? Too many lawyers there?

House to house searches piss me off more than just about anything in politics. Now, despite what you see on the TV show Cops, "consenting" to searches is not always a waiver of the 4th Amendment. If asked, I'm saying no to searches on principle. I hope someone asked gives Alan Gura a call, or at least an attorney. I'm not saying this IS a violation of the 4th Amendment in the eyes of a judge without knowing how the individuals enforce this, but to say that my guard is up here is to be an understatement.

Even if this is allowed by law, this is scary as hell. Most people don't know, don't understand, and are quick to waive their rights. Too many people have the attitude of "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to be afraid of." My attitude is get a warrant first, and do not treat me like a criminal unless you have a damn good reason.

I have a few question here:

1. Do residents know that with this "amnesty", that the cops will test weapons to see if they are used in a crime?

2. If residents refuse, will the police give them more scrutiny for not cooperating?

3. Will this be over the whole city, or just in certain areas so the white liberals there do not get up in arms? (Since they don't give a damn about Anacostia and Washington Highlands unless Georgetown is hit)

I hope the residents tell them all "NO." This is high time to question authority. Now show Fenty the door for all of us. Thanks.

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