Thursday, March 06, 2008

Update - School Board, May 08 and 08 Presidential update

It's been awhile since I updated. That's been due to this rather nasty schedule I've had for school, as well as a bad case of writer's block. Some updates.

May elections:
Many school board races have moved to November, and there is only one contested race. That is Brighton. Cindy Cvengros and Greg Kushner, the two incumbents, are not running again. There are three people running for two positions.

The three running are:
Winnie Garrett, a candidate last year
Jonathan Krause
Cheryl Leach

I was at last year's debate in Brighton and Garrett was one of the participants there. It was not the best English I've ever used in my life as I was typing on my computer during the debate and trying to type fast.

My elections report from last year - I covered Brighton and Howell there.

As far as the presidential debate goes, it's official for McCain. Better him than Billary or the Holier than thou cult wannabe Obama. The dems are still battling out their battle. I hope they kick the crap out of each other.

Lastly, the DC gun case will have arguments on the 18th. Audio will be released the same day. That tells me that SCOTUS knows this is an important case with a large section of the population.

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