Thursday, March 06, 2008

Senate candidate Al Franken, inc fined $25,000 for Workman's comp violations

I don't usually comment on national stuff outside of the presidency, but this is too good to pass up. Too paraphrase Stuart Smalley, Al showed here that he isn't good enough or smart enough. We don't know if people like him yet.

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune

DFL Senate candidate Al Franken owes a $25,000 penalty to the New York State Workers' Compensation Board for failing to carry workers' compensation insurance for employees of his namesake corporation from 2002 to 2005, state officials said.

New York officials have made numerous attempts to contact Franken about the matter since April 2005 but have gotten no reply.

Campaign spokesman Andy Barr said that neither Franken nor his wife, Franni, were aware of the matter before Tuesday. They have lived in Minneapolis for the past few years and did not know about the state's attempts to reach them in New York City, he said.

Well, you should be aware. What's nice about this is that we have a primary source here to help us. New York State has a list of corporations.
Al Franken, inc - is here

It's based in New York City, Franken's old home. It's listed as ACTIVE. Most importantly, the Chairman and CEO is Alan Franken. I think it is safe to assume that Alan Franken is Al. A CEO has a fidiciary duty by law to corporation which employs him. Alan Frankin, inc - isn't Al. It's a seperate entity that employs Al Franken as CEO.(Although Al is probably majority or sole shareholder). As CEO, Al had employees. If Al wasn't aware of the workman's comp issue, it's because he was negligent. No excuse. I wasn't aware gets people fired, sued, and in some case maybe jail. If Franken was moving, he should have had an agent, or updated his contact information.


The Workers' Compensation Board began sending Franken notices in April 2005 after discovering that the insurance hadn't been paid for nearly three years.

Officials first sought an explanation. Receiving no response, they sent a penalty notice to Franken in June 2005 that outlined rights to appeal.

The state then turned to a collection agency to reach Franken. When that didn't work, the state tried again in July 2006. Penalty statements were sent in August and December of 2006 and March 2007, Keegan said.

The judgment was finally entered against Franken in May 2007, and another notice sent by certified mail to his Manhattan apartment. Since then, Keegan said, three more statements have been sent -- the most recent in January -- without response.

The Frankens bought a townhouse in Minneapolis in April 2005. Barr said that the corporation relocated to Minneapolis in January 2006.

At BEST, Al Franken did all the following.
1. He did not (or had nobody) check his corporate mail for three years. Not good for a CEO who has or had employees. Is that good judgement for the Senate

2. He did not close up shop properly in 06 if he was relocating his corporation, nor sent notice to New York. His NY Status is ACTIVE. Active IN New York.

3. He did not have an agent in New York. With his money, he could had a lawyer there on retainer in case something happened - or to handle a transfer. The first thing I learned in Biz Org is to have an attorney involved in corporate drafting.

4. He showed overall bad judgment. It takes work to get a default judgment against you like that. I've dealt with many bureaucrats. Most hate extra work. They do not want to have to go to court on a matter like this. This started as a "fix-it". They wanted to settle it afterward. Then they had to get the lawyers involved with a LEIN, and even went to court. Al or his agent didn't even show up to court. Judgment for the plaintiff against Al Franken Inc.

5. He showed what he thinks of the working class. This multi millionaire did not pay his fair share, and broke the law while doing so.

To sum things up, he isn't qualified for the job. Time to send Al Franken back to doing Stuart Smalley skits.

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