Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another candidate in the 66th?

The Democrats had their county event with UAW boss Ron Gettelfinger. Did they have the illegal 50-50 drawing there? I didn't want to pay $60 to find out. If they did and if anyone has a picture, let me know.

There was an interesting blurb from the Ann Arbor news at the end of the article.

Anderson is the Democratic candidate for the 66th District state House, a seat being vacated by Republican Chris Ward because of term limitations.
"The most important thing is the Michigan economy,'' Anderson said. "We need jobs and job training. We have to consider all the people of Michigan.''

The Anderson mentioned would be Donna Anderson, who ran against Valde Garcia in 2004. That election was the closest of the three district based state races in Livingston County, but most of that was due to narrow losses in parts of Ingham and Shiawassee County, also in that district. Valde won the Livingston portion by 18,000 votes and took every precinct, including the five/six or so that often go for a democrat. Now, keep in the mind that this will be an open district this year. I do take all races seriously. No district is truely safe, although I don't think we'll lose this one unless we God forbid get a Don Sherwood type of situation which I don't expect at all from Bill or Jason.

I did catch Anderson in a debate back in 06. She is very liberal and out of the mainstream on most issues in this county. However, she has one thing I think that is going for her and that is that she did not give a lot of what I call politispeak (or double talk, smoke and mirrors). That is something I do respect.

Another candidate has filed earlier, Tommy Crawford. There probably will be a primary then in both parties for this seat. They are rare among the democrats around here, but do happen. There was one for a county commission seat in 06 and for the open special election for what was Mike Rogers then state senate district eventually won by Valde Garcia.

Jason Corosanite and Bill Rogers are both filed on the GOP site for this district. This will be the first primary race of any sort in the 66th since Judie Scranton edged Steve Williams in the 2000 primary. That primary was based more on social issues. I expect this one to be more on economic issues, but we'll see.


Communications guru said...

We sure did have the 50-50 legal raffle. The bottom line in the 66th District is who ever wins will be better than the person who holds the seat in name only now. He quit three years ago, but still collects a pay check. said...

Liberal and out of the mainstream? Well, she'd fit right in in the House!


Communications guru said...

She certainly is liberal, but when you consider the economy and some 70 percent of the Americans are against the failed occupation Iraq she is in the mainstream. I really enjoyed watching Marcy Wheeler kick your butt on OTR.