Friday, April 04, 2008

Brighton Schools and State Supreme Court

Two things needs to be mentioned.

The first is regarding the Brighton School Board race.

I've found that in the Brighton Race (only contested one), that Cheryl Leach and Jay Krause are running as a team. Winnie Garrett is the other candidate. There is two positions available and three running. Garrett ran last time and participated in a debate. A rough transcript is here which has some of Garrett's answers to questions last year

The Concerned Taxpayers' Group PAC will be active in this race. I am not on the panel this election cycle for any May races, but will be interested to see who is endorsed, if anybody. I don't pay attention to a lot of endorsements, but that one is a big factor in any of my decisions. As someone formerly on the panel, I have a good idea what many of the questions will be, and have a general idea of the scoring system. I trust their judgment, even though I am no longer their treasurer, and am not an insider this time.

As far as State Supreme Court goes, I've heard a rumor. This may or may not be true, but I've heard from two sources (one inside, one outside the county) that Granholm wants her good friend Theresa Brennan to run for State Supreme Court (Deborah Thomas of Detroit has filed a committee). Remember what I said about today's district court judge will be tomorrow's high court judge and that biases matter? I told you so. Now I do not know if Brennan will take this job, or just stay on at District Court (where she is currently filed). We will find out at the Democrat Convention after the August Primary. However, head's up!

One person who IS running for State Supreme Court is Justice Clifford Taylor. Made famous by the hit piece from the democrats of "Markman, Taylor, and Young. Oh My!" ads, he is running for reelection. Our State Supreme Court is currently one of the very best in the entire country, despite the very semi-recent unprofessional conduct of Justice Weaver who I highly regret voting for in 2002. The Wall Street Journal Called the court the Finest Court in the country. If you remember the Kelo case, remember that much of that was taken from the State Supreme Court's Poletown opinion which ran roughshod over property rights. THIS court overturned Poletown, and would not give us Kelo on a federal level. THIS court followed the plain language of the bill and the law when interpreting the Concealed Carry battle back in 2000. If you support the 2nd Amendment, you know where to turn. Right here.

However, Justice Taylor needs your help. He has a lot of enemies from those who love judicial activism and hate strict constuctionism. The list includes radical leftist Jon Stryker and his Arcus Foundation, Geoffrey Fieger, Jennifer Granholm, the democrats, and the personal injury wing of attorneys. While I can understand the latter because of the line of work, it would not be good for Michigan. We don't need a radical like Granholm controlling this either.

Justice Cliff Taylor needs our support, and needs campaign funds. Money does not go far in the presidential races, but it goes much further in this race. If you have any extra money, and plan on only donating to one race, this is the one to pick. This is THE most important race in the state this year, including the presidency. We need to keep Justict Cliff Taylor on the Michigan Supreme Court. His campaign address is:

Committee to Re-Elect Justice Clifford Taylor

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