Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A chance to make a difference and clean up our house

I'm a little burned out right now, so not much has been posted here. I did find something worth posting

Hat tip to Redstate for this. One of the biggest spenders and problems in Congress is in trouble - in the primary. Alaska's Don Young is in trouble.

CQ politics has more

Alaska Dems Are After Rep. Young’s Seat, but a Republican May Get There First
By Rachel Kapochunas, CQ Staff
Democrats have been salivating over the opportunity to unseat Republican Rep. Don Young as he seeks an 18th full-term as Alaska’s lone House representative, but Republicans may beat them to the punch.

Republican Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell stands a strong chance of defeating Young in the party’s Aug. 26 primary, according to recent polls and analysts, which would provide Democrats with a new opponent for the general election.

Young has drawn wide support over the years for his advocacy for his home state, but critics argue that his connections to a federal investigation into Alaska oil services company Veco Corp and its ties to political figures in the state have made him vulnerable for re-election this year. Opponents also note that the House has called for an investigation into an earmark for a Florida transportation project, which Young is accused of changing to possibly benefit a major supporter. Others believe Young’s well-known rough-hewn manner is diminishing his effectiveness in the House and reflecting badly on the state.

Parnell, a lawyer and former state lawmaker, entered the House race just two months ago, but is backed by popular Republican Gov. Sarah Palin . Recent polls show Parnell besting or nearly breaking even with Young.

“It’s time for a new messenger in Congress in Alaska,” Parnell told CQ Politics.

Parnell is no stranger to challenging old guard Republicans in the state. He appeared on Palin’s winning ticket when she ousted incumbent Republican Gov. Frank H. Murkowski two years ago.

Parnell said there are clear similarities between his current House campaign and the 2006 election, which Murkowski, a longtime politician, entered with low approval ratings.

Parnell is campaigning on issues such as resource development, job creation, the nation’s economy, establishing a natural gas pipeline and fixing high gas prices, in addition to what he calls “restoring trust issues,” all things on which Parnell believes he can be more effective than the congressman.

Here's Parnell's Web Site. Hopefully, Don Young and his bridges to nowhere are sent home.

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Erick Erickson said...

Burned out? Suck it up! We've still got a long way to go. ;) Seriously, thanks for promoting Parnell. He can beat Young and the GOP needs him to beat Young.