Thursday, May 15, 2008

Peter Principle defined - GOP leadership in Washington

We lost three GOP leaning special elections. Two down south, and one in Illinois. I know the South is known for ticket splitting, particulary in Louisiana. One loss tells me it is the candidate. Two losses get my guard up. Three losses means we have a big problem.

I knew we were in big trouble after the same people that brought us 2006 were re-elected. John Boehner hasn't shown me anything as leader. He isn't all to blame, but shares much of it. John who? How many that read this know anything about him? He's from Ohio too, so all of us midwesterners should know who he is. Worse is Blunt. He's one of the big spenders and was re-elected. What has been the changes since then from congress? I mean real change, not the crap without any plan that comes out of Barack Obama's mouth.

I called this back in November of 2006. The generic brand is now so bad that it is affecting all of the candidates and bringing them down. It was a long time coming to get that bad. Newt Gingrich was the leader and the intellectual. Dick Armey (leader of Freedomworks) had the correct stances and policy. Tom DeLay understood Washington. Unfortunately, Newt's void wasn't replaced, Armey's stances were abandoned, and DeLay understood Washington a little too well. One thing those three are though is effective.

In response to the 2006 major league ass kicking, our party goes insane. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. What SHOULD have happened was for the old leadership to step aside and for new leadership - with direction - to take over. I don't think Mike Pence and John Shadegg would have let things like this happen in 2008. It's not K-Street that wins, it's Main street.

In the next six months, the GOP needs to get its ass in gear and needs to develop a solid plan of less spending, less government, and more freedom, as well as solutions to these high gas prices, weak dollar, and this economy. It's the economy stupid, as Carville said. Stop being followers and start leading. Nobody respects a follower, outside of the beltway. A balanced budget would be a good start too.

It's time to kick Bush's "Big government conservatism" to the curb for good. K-Street's backing the democrats anyway, so make them pay in spades for it, and start following something worth following, like a 1994 less government alternative to the Bush/Pelosi plans.

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