Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2008 Livingston County Preview

We now have our two-party candidates in for election this year. There are some interesting races of note that affect Livingston County.

US Senate: - Jack Hoogendyk will be the GOP nominee. He's taking on the absolutely worthless Carl Levin. He's been in there 30 years, and has been a common factor in all of Michigan's economic woes. Go Jack!

US House, District 8 - Mike Rogers has a rematch with Bob Alexander. It wasn't even close last time.

State House
District 47 - Joe Hune is termed out. Seven candidates are running for this spots. Four Republicans, two Democrats, and one Constitution (US Taxpayers in Michigan) party member. The Republicans are Cindy Denby, Charlie Aberasturi (Hartland School board member), Carl Konopaska, and Frank Portelli. Cindy is the Handy Township Supervisor. She was also Joe's chief of staff. I know Cindy, and have heard the names Aberasturi and Portelli before, but I don't know them. The two democrats are Joe Lazo Sr, and Scott Lucas. I don't know anything about them offhand. The Constitution Party member is Phillip Johnson. He won't be on the August ballot, only the general. Cindy Denby is probably the favorite to win, but it's a four candidate primary. Anything can happen.

District 66 - Two Republicans and Two Democrats have filed. Bill Rogers and Jason Corosanite have filed. Both of them are from Genoa Township. Bill's currently a county comissioner and owns a business. Jason is a chiropractor and owns a business. The democrats are running Donna Anderson and Tom Crawford. Anderson ran against Valde Garcia in 2006, and Tom Crawford is a Milford resident.

I am surprised to a degree that mulitple democrats are running for the state rep seats. I think it is a tactical error on their part, but I'm not complaining.

County Seats:
Prosecutor, Sheriff, Clerk, Treasurer, Register of Deeds, and Drain Commissioner are all unopposed. For all intents and purposes they just won re-election. Most county commission seats are also unopposed. That surprises me, as there are two or three that can be competitive in a good year. The ones that are not unopposed are:
County Commission:
District 1 - Incumbent Maggie Jones (R) is challenged by Pam Green (D), who is on the democrat's exec committee. The district is almost all of Brighton Township and a small part of Hartland Township. It is one of the strongest GOP district in the county.

District 2 - Incumbent Jim Mantley (R) is challenged in the primary by Josiah Goyt (R). This is for Mike Randall's old seat. Both are Republicans and the August primary will decide the winner. Mantley is the incumbent due to being appointed by the county board. No democrats have filed here.

District 3 - Incumbent Dave Domas (R) is challenged by Adrian Campbell Montgomery (D). The Argus has a story about this race. Montgomery is most known for being in one of the idiot Michael Moore's movies. This one being sicko. That would cost my vote right off the bat after his hatchet job "Bowling for Columbine". Go Dave! The district is generally solid republican with almost all of Hartland, although Tyrone Township is sometimes erratic.

District 4 - Incumbent Ronald Van Houten (R) is challenged by Doug Helzerman (R). This race will also be decided in the primaries.

I am a bit surprised that the dems are challenging the strongest partisan districts and not the weaker partisan districts, especially the Green Oak, Hamburg, and Putnam Township based seats.

Township level I'll go into later. There's a lot of primary activity going on there.

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