Thursday, June 26, 2008

DC Heller Case: Circuit Court Decision is AFFIRMED - DC gun ban overturned

I'm getting my information from SCOTUSblog

The decision is in. According to SCOTUS and the Supreme Court, the overturning of the DC gun ban has been AFFIRMED in a 5-4 decision. Justice Scalia wrote the opinion and was joined by Kennedy, Alito, Roberts, and Thomas. Justice Breyer wrote the dissent. Ginsburg, Souter, and Stevens also dissented.

I was wrong in my predicition that it would have multiple opinions, concurrances, and dissents. There was only one opinion for the majority, and two different dissenting opinions.

I have to read the decision closely to see how much of a win or loss for freedom this decision is. I'm cautiously optimistic right now, but I want to see the standard of review and the rest of this before I can call this a victory.

Also in other news - the Millionaire Amendment of the Campaign Finance Laws (BCRA) is ruled unconstitutional. That's one I need to read as well in my spare time - Davis v FEC. I forgot about that decision with the hype on Heller.

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