Friday, June 20, 2008

The one who adapts survive. The one who doesn't is knocked out or taps out.

It's going to be an interesting election. Obama declines public funding citing some malarkey about a 527 GOP attack machine. That's not happening, since the 527 groups and McCain are not the best of friends. McCain is also taking public funding. The dems held the money advantage last election thanks to anti-freedom leader George Soros and insurance man Peter Lewis. They are going to have that again this year, plus K-Street is on their side. This can be spun around against them, if the GOP is going to adapt. If they play by these rules, as they did in 06, and as they continue to do today, then they are going to be in big trouble.

Politics is somewhat like mixed martial arts. There are several weaknesses that can be exploited. One dimensional styles lose. Pure stand-up fighters and wrestlers are in trouble on their back. Pure Brazilian Ji-Jitsu fighters are great on their back, but are weaker on standup. The best fighters are prepared for anything and can react quickly to move on offense. They protect their chin. If I'm in the Octagon and up against someone like Chuck Lidell, I better protect my chin or I'd be seeing stars quickly. If I'm up against Royce Gracie, I better not leave an arm open or it gets broken.

Unfortunately in DC, the GOP fights one dimensionally. It's always about mo money to drown out the dems. That's just not coming in this year. K Street and Corporate America donates to who they think is going to win. The unions and plaintiff tort injury lawyers give heavily to the dems. Union leadership loves their cocktail parties regardless of the benefits to members, and easier chances to win favor the plaintiff attorneys. That does not even get into the uber rich left wing ideologues like George Soros, Peter Lewis, Stephen Bing, most of Hollywood, Andrew McKelvey, and the like who spent hundreds of millions of dollars in 2004, and probably will again. Big money favors the democrats. It's time for the GOP to realize that, adapts, and attack the OWNERS of the democrats on that. The democrats have not been the party of the working man since McGovern. They are the party of the very rich (as taxes keep them there and hurt those trying to be there), special interests, and those that take handouts. That is their base.

But in order to do that, they need to give the middle finger to K-Street and the DC punditocracy and go back to being the party of Main Street. Stop this pork barrell spending. Balance the budget without tax increases.

The GOP also needs to communicate plans easy to understand to the people. By that I mean can these stupid talking points that say absolutely nothing, and be straight forward. Somebody sees a talking point and the first thing that comes into a swing voter's mind is "just another damn politician." What goes through my mind is "Not this #@%@ again." People are more intelligent than DC thinks. Just don't be hyper technical (which is my mistake at times) or mealy mouthed. Less money means less mistakes, and being afraid to make a mistake is a mistake in itself.

If I was the GOP, this would be my strategy for 08, both for McCain and Congress.

* Apologize to the voters for the 02-08 sessions for forgetting the Main Street roots. Big spending, pork, poor judgment. That brought this mess to begin with. Own up to it and go back to being the less government party.

* Highlite the change in gas prices over and over from when the democrats took Congress to what it is today. Then v Now.

* Push hard on energy reform. This is what is killing us right now. The perception is "oil man Bush" and his buddies are causing this. Forget whether it is true or not. Right or wrong, perception is reality. Fix it. Everyone understands at least the basics of supply and demand. Go from there. Let's take care of our own energy, and stop letting only Castro's Commies drill outside of OUR coasts. Open up ANWR. Build nuclear facilities, and use Europe as an example of this being done right. Democrats LIKE high gas prices. They want us all to be living in their fifedoms and socialist city paradises only riding bikes to work - except they can have their Lear jets on the coast.

* The War (McCain)- I don't comment much on the war on this blog as I'm a believer in politics stopping at the borders. While America isn't a pacifist country, the people have a bit of an isolationist streak and despises nationbuilding. Iraq has to end soon, and has to end the right way so we are not back there again in 10 years. McCain needs to sell that more than the surge is working. Trust, but verify as Reagan would say.

* McCain gets things done. Take a page out of the old Chris Ward book. That was his slogan for years. "Chris Ward gets things done." Run on competence. Some of what he's done I don't care for, but it may work with some of the indepndents looking for competence in their voting. I'm not his biggest fan, but he is a competent individual, there is no doubt about that. How many are able to get their pet projects passed and signed (by a rival) into law? Not that many.

* Judges - This issue can get the conservative base back home. I'd be keeping an eye on the upcoming decision regarding DC v Heller on the 2nd Amendment.

Having a good plan does not take a lot of money, but it is more valuable than a lot of what comes out of DC.

While the right plan is formulated, the last two years of Congress needs to be hit extremely hard - the big spending of the democrats. The pork. The bridges to nowhere. The corruption. The lack of real change in Washington. Obama is talking about change, but hasn't done a damn thing in his time in Washington - or in the state senate for that matter. Anytime we hear "Yes we can", it needs to be responded with "You haven't yet." You had your chance, Barack. You failed. I'd also go hard at destroying once and for all the old saying about "Democrats being for the working man" since that has been making a big comeback lately. Soros still runs the show.

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keithr said...

I've been pretty disgusted with the presidential election so far.

First we have Obama, the most leftist and unqualified person to ever be so close to having a major party nomination. The response of the media? Except for conservative journalists and talk radio, the media has fawned over Obama by focusing on his personality rather than his past, his associations, and positions on issues. He makes gaffes and blunders on a daily basis that the media ignores. Remember Dan Quayle and his mis-spelling "potatoe"? The media hammered him for months over that stupid incident. Yet they remain largely silent on comments like Obama saying so far he has visited 57 states. It's OK to hammer a Republican for a blunder, but Obama is just "fatigued". Is there any doubt that McCain opponents would be using a comment like this as evidence that he is too old to be president?

Then we have John McCain, who USED to be a media darling until he locked up the GOP nomination. Half the Republican party hates John McCain because of his attacks on Republicans and particularly conservatives over the years. These grassroots members are the people who provide most of the volunteer labor and a lot of the smaller campaign donations, yet McCain seems to feel like he can win the general election by ignoring the base and instead trying to pull Democrats away from Obama.

So McCain goes from rally to rally making speaches about global warming, "campaign finance reform", cap and trade credits to make Americans pay to use energy, amnesty for illegal aliens, etc . . . Everytime I hear segments of these speeches I just shake my head. This is NOT the way to motivate the base, and on election day most of the Democrats now blasting Obama will pull the Democrat lever. For all intents and purposes McCain has been running as a Democrat on the GOP ticket, and Republicans are so angry about this that many will end up staying home, skipping the presidential section of the ballot, or voting for a 3rd party. McCain takes the Republican vote for granted, thinking that they will vote for him no matter what but he is wrong about this. Conservatives dislike Obama even more than McCain, but we need a reason to vote FOR McCain, not reasons to vote AGAINST Obama.

My big worry is that disgusted conservatives will simply stay home, causing other Republican candidates on the ballot to get fried for McCains blunder.

At this point I'm focusing my attention and resources on state and local races. I'll probably pull the lever for McCain in November (Unless he gets me REALLY ticked off with his misdirected speeches) but I don't feel I can donate time or money to his effort.