Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why I am flip-flopping from my 2006 view and am voting for McCain

Look at the DC v Heller 2nd Amendment decision.

For - Scalia (Reagan appointee), Kennedy (Reagan), Thomas (GHWBush), Alito (GWBush), and Roberts (GWBush)

Against - Stevens (Ford), Souter (GHWBush), Ginsburg (Clinton), Breyer (Clinton)

McCain voted for Thomas, Alito, Kennedy (who isn't always right, but I think is better than conservatives give him credit for), and Roberts.

Obama voted against Roberts and Alito. Considering we were one vote away from the 2nd Amendment going completely down the crapper, this reinforces my current decision to hold my nose and vote for McCain.

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keithr said...

I've seen McCain running a number of TV ads talking about global warming. I'd have to say that it is pretty inept to be running these ads here in Michigan, or anywhere else considering all the anger about high gas prices. Most people are smart enough to understand that any plan that attacks "global warming" will result in substantial price increases on gasoline, electricity, natural gas, etc . . ., so why run these ads when people are already worried about high energy prices?