Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC Makes Howell Endorsements for 08

I got this press release sent to me. I wasn't on the panel this year due to time constraints, but I trust these people as the objective questions and scoring is the same. I'm not in Howell anymore, so I don't follow the schools there as much as I used to, but the Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC is still based in Howell, and most of the founders and a plurality of active members are still in that district.


The Concerned Taxpayers Group, PAC, of Livingston County endorses Olav "Kris" Kauserud and Doug Moore for the two full-term positions up for election on the Howell School Board on November 4th. In the partial-term election for the Howell School Board, The Concerned Taxpayers Group, PAC, of Livingston County endorses Deborah Drick. All of the candidates were invited to participate in the endorsement process. Questionnaires that were returned were evaluated by our panel using an objective scoring method. Our panel consisted of citizens from Howell Twp., Cohoctah Twp., Brighton Twp., and the City of Brighton. This citizens panel is very concerned about the future of our public schools in Livingston County. The voters of Livingston County should have as much information as possible about which candidates will work towards responsible fiscal stewardship and to promote a sound educational environment in our public schools. The candidates endorsed above will work for positive change in those areas if elected.

Paid for by the CONCERNED TAXPAYERS GROUP, PAC, of LIVINGSTON COUNTY with regulated funds. 1*** (Address removed), Howell, MI 48855

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Communications guru said...

Thanks for the information. That endorsement, combined with the recommendation of the book burners over at Wendy Day's blog, I know who not to vote for. Using that process of elimination and what limited information I can find on the candidates, I'm voting for Phillip Arrington and Ann Routt. It has been surprisingly hard to find any info on the candidates. The people who said school board candidates would get lost in the November ballot were right. But using that info and talking to people close to the schools and school board those are the best candidates. I'm not sure who I'm voting for in the other seat that has just two candidates. But I'm don't feel comfortable making a recommendation.