Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The house bill was a crap sandwich. The Senate draft is a Matt Millenesque Clusterbleep

Copy is at the National Review website

This thing must change or get defeated.

Now, before panicking, remember that this is a DRAFT and NOT the final bill. This is being considered. A better, or worse bill could pass the senate.

I skimmed the bill since I don't have time to in depth read 400 pages. So far I don't like:
- Massive power to the sec of treasury. (Paulson's bill from before)
- Does not reform the problems. Bandaid. Subprime still here. No drilling.
- Debt limit - $12 TRILLION?
- INCREASE in Coal tax.
- Ethanol
- "Energy bonds"
- Carbon credits
- Carbon Dioxide treated as income? WTF?
- Most of the bill is unrelated to fixing the problem of energy COSTS, Mortgages, and debt.
- Reduction of deductions due to domestic drilling (Tax increase)
- Increase in oil tax per barrell.

That's just what I saw already in 20 minutes. This bill is unacceptable, and why we ALWAYS need to watch to see what crap Congress springs on us in what is deemed an emergency situation. Emergencies is how we were stuck with the Patriot Act, the MBT tax, and the department of homeland security. It will be how we get something as bad or worse than this draft if we don't call our congresscritters and presidential candidates.

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