Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Downticket Races in Livingston County

All the hype is on the Presidential Race between McCain and Daley machine's puppet Obama. However, that's only one race, and the rest of the ballot is just as important.

Over in Livingston County, that is as follows:

State Supreme Court - The Michigan Supreme Court was recently hailed as the Finest Court in the Country. Cliff Taylor is one of the biggest reasons for it. As far as Hathaway goes, she donated to MUSLIM COMMUNITY PAC and Triangle Pride PAC, as well as democrat groups (as expected as she's their nominee for judge.

4th Appeals - I left this blank. Both are democrats. Paula Manderfield is facing Michael Kelly. Manderfield is an Ingham County Judge. Kelly is an attorney with plaintiff loyalties. If I had to pick one I'd pick Kelly. He's pro-life.

For District Judge, Jay Drick has a rematch with Theresa Brennan. Jay is a good guy and has my vote.

US Senate - Carl Levin v Jack Hoogendyk. Hoogendyk would be more of a Mike Pence sensibility to the biggest group of jokers on the face of the earth. The US Senate is the epidomy of the Peter Principle and nobody fits that bill in Michigan more than Carl Bailout Levin. While there is worse in the senate (Feinstein, Obama, Kennedy, Kerry, Biden, Leahy, Dodd, Stevens, Byrd) we can surely do better.

US House - Mike Rogers voted against the Bailout. The Livingston County Democrat head Judy Daubenmeir racked him over the coals for it. Bob Alexander (a gun grabber), is her main candidate. I don't think so. I'm sticking with Mike.

State House:
47th District - Cindy Denby was Joe Hune's chief of staff. Joe did a real good job sticking up for fiscal conservatism when it wasn't always popular by leadership. He had a 100% anti-tax record, and voted against the fee increases, tax shifts, and other gimmicks as well. Cindy ran Joe's office well and would get my support if I still lived there. I don't know anything about Scott Lucas, outside of the fact that he didn't even get his campaign statements in on time.

66th District - Bill Rogers understands struggling businesses. He's in the home builder's industry and we all know how that's doing these days. We need some fiscal conservatism in Lansing. Donna Anderson is a nice person, but way too much of a big government supporter, pushing for micromanagement of how businesses conduct their operations.

State level Education Trustee Boards (State Board, MSU, UM, and Wayne State) - I went against all incumbents here.

County Races (Prosecutor, Sheriff, Treasurer, Register of Deeds, Drain Commish) - All unopposed except for a write in)

County Commish:
1st District - Maggie Jones v Pam Green
3rd District - Dave Domas v Adrian Campbell Montgomery
8th District - Dennis Dolan v Dave Buckland

I don't know much about Pam Green. Maggie Jones I know, but not that well. Domas is a good guy and running against someone whose claim to fame was being in a Michael Moore movie. That's automatic disqualification with me. Dolan v Buckland was a rematch from 06.

For the school races, If I still lived in Howell, I'd back Debi Drick and Doug Moore. Nothing against the others, but I know they have good heads on their shoulders.

Ballot Proposals:
Prop 1 - Medical Marijuana - I'll take some heat for this, but I'm voting yes.

Prop 2 - Human Embryo Research - I'll get to this later. After reading it in depth, I went from leaning no to hell no.

Putnam Twp Fire Renewal

Brighton Schools bond and Brighton Schools Sinking Fund - Aren't they nearly bankrupt due to spending to begin with?

I'll get to the townships later.


keithr said...

Jack H. blew it during the debate when he said he wouldn't vote for federal aid to automakers. It's great to see him standing on principle but he can't win without a lot of votes from metro-Detroit, and that position is political suicide in these parts.

Regarding prop 1, I'm not opposed to terminally ill patients using pot in principle, but I do have concerns with this specific proposal. First, it conflicts with federal laws which potentially creates a lot of new problems. Second, allowing people to grow pot in their homes offers a LOT of potential for abuse, as people other than the patient will now be able to easily obtain pot. Good intentions aside, many of the patients who need this stuff are in no condition to control the supply. Third, there is no quality control for pot grown at home, creating unknown risks for patients. Forth, what will happen to innocent bystanders? The smoke from pot is potent even when inhaled second hand. Are we going to let them smoke pot around young kids? What if a high school athlete tests positive for drugs because a parent uses pot for medical purposes? What about people in nursing homes? Are they going to be allowed to smoke around other patients and nursing home employees?

So I'm while I'm not opposed to the idea in principle, I'll be voting against this proposal as currently written. I'd much rather this idea be implemented by a carefully thought out piece of legislation. said...

Your response to Prop 2 sort of mirrors my response to MiCause's ad campaign.

They say 2 goes 2 far. 2 really goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 2 far. The idea of constitutionally enshrining protections from anything and everything that could be understood to "discourage" the killing of living human embryos is bat-crap crazy.

If we write blog posts arguing against the ethics of stem cell research and suggest it should be abolished, we'd be violating the constitution! So much for free speech.


Bill Baker said...

No flack for 1 here. I guess on Marijuana you could call me a Liberal. I say legalize it and tax the hell out of it. Its no worse then alcohol is.