Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dumb and Dumber revisited

I don't know who is dumber here. The thought policy and grandstanding of school bureaucrats or the students that did the postings. What postings? From the Argus:

Two students were suspended from Howell High School Friday after administrators discovered the students used school computers to post content on an Internet hate group created on

Principal Aaron Moran said the violation could lead to expulsions.

"It's unacceptable," Moran said. "It's not something that Howell Public Schools stands for. That's not a representation of all of our kids, but it's unfortunate that some are participating in this type of speech."

Moran said school officials became aware of the Rebel and Proud Internet group Wednesday when a member of the public referred the site to a teacher. Based on the time and dates of certain postings, as well as tracking software, administrators were able to determine what activity took place at school.

Friday morning, the Facebook group listed 34 members, the majority of whom identified themselves as Howell High School students.

The group's Web page displayed an image of the Confederate flag along with this message:

"If you hate a certain type of anybody black, white, pink, yellow or polka dot (you) should join. This shows you are a rebel and proud of it."

The group's creator listed his name, address, e-mail address and cell phone number on the site. Facebook is accessible to anyone with a computer and Internet

He claimed the hate group was a joke.

"It was a joke, pretty much. ... It wasn't just me," said Chase Crawford, a 17-year-old junior at Howell High School and the creator of the group.

A March 26 forum posting by Crawford read: "i have no problem with black people just (n———)." When asked if that posting was a joke as well, Crawford said he didn't remember posting those words.

Repeated attempts to reach Crawford's parents were not successful.

Another member of the group, who identified himself on his Facebook page as a 2008 Howell High School graduate, displayed a photo of a cross being burned with a man standing next to it, holding two thumbs up.

The so-called "joke" drew a serious response from members of the Livingston Diversity Council, an organization that advocates for diversity and inclusion within Livingston County.

First off. Rule one. Anything posted on the internet is there forever. The first part of World Wide Web is WORLD. That means the entire world can see that. That can come back and bite you in the arse like an angry Canada goose.

As to the comments, based on the article (I'll skip the link, to the actual site as I have no desire to see it), it sounds like a joke. Not a funny joke, rather dumb, but a joke. The comment about black people v N's sounds like a reference to a famous Chris Rock
skit that you can see on youtube here. Warning - The language is very R rated, as you would expect from a Chris Rock skit. The burning cross picture is provocative, as it is supposed to be. Shock value to get attention. They got it..... As Foghorn Leghorn says, that boy is about as sharp as a bowling ball, hence the title of this post. Dumb and Dumber revisited. The comments were dumb, the admins were dumber.

The question is as follows. How do we deal with individuals like the people that posted this? How I deal with it is simple. I don't associate with those people. They aren't worthy of my time. That ends it. Instead with have a major news story in the Argus about this, and some grandstanding from the schools.

Is this worth an explusion? That strikes me as a political correct response to this by the thought police so the admins and the Argus can crow to the world that they aren't like Robert Miles (who of course had to be mentioned in this news story even though he's been dead for almost 20 years). If you want to see adults dumber than the kids who post this stuff, go watch a bunch of bureaucrats in action. These bureaucrats and their reaction (expulsion - uber outrage and yapping) makes it look like they have something to hide.

Back in my high school days, I had a bit of a mouth at times (surprising, ain't it) that sometimes got me in trouble. I received a cheap detention for something stupid and in my disgust, crumpled up the form and said (which I thought was under my breath) "F' this." Luckily it wasn't directly at the teacher, but it was loud enough to cost me a three day suspension as well as facing the parents at home which was no fun. I laugh about it today in my 30's, but it wasn't so funny then. It wasn't as dumb as what these individuals did, but a similar punishment for this should suffice, or better yet, give them an offer they can't refuse. If I was admin, I'd offer to take this off their record if they work the soup kitchens in Detroit for five days. Expulsion doesn't fit the crime. Slap them on the wrist a bit, stop the embarassing grandstanding, and move on from this. These are 17 year old kids which by definition, do dumb things from time to time. Let them learn from it (and not with PC brainwashing that backfires), and help this boy become a man.


Communications guru said...

The problem in this county with racism will continue as long as people treat it like a joke or boys will boys scenario, like you and Day are doing. That was Internet racist hate group; pure and simple, and it wasn’t a Chris Rock skit.”

Republican Michigander said...

But expulson? I don't know how things have changed since I was in school, but I could have had been caught with drugs and not get expelled.

While boys will be boys, I don't there should be no punishment, but on the same note, it needs to fit the offense considering the age and records (which I am unaware of) of the students.

Grandstanding doesn't help matters. I'd rather see the stupidity cured than see the hammer come down so hard on them that they join the skinheads permanently as a giant middle finger.

Communications guru said...

What expulsion? The lead said “Two students were suspended from Howell High School Friday.” Suspensions are common. If you need more details, ask your pal Day.

It sounds to me they already share the skinhead’s philosophy.

Republican Michigander said...

I went by this line.

"Principal Aaron Moran said the violation could lead to expulsions." said...

CG thinks folks are racists? I'm shocked.

That said, there aren't many symbols I personally find MORE offensive than the confederate flag.


Communications guru said...

You don’t think that is racist?

Jeremy Nielson said...

Someone should revoke Commie Guru's ACLU membership card.

Commie just doesn't quite believe in the "I don't agree with what you say, but I'll die for your right to say it".

I have no doubt he'd be up in arms over the rights of the "Bong Hits for Jesus" kids. He's one of the guys who claims conservative blogs "censor", but has no problem with government censoring?

Silly Commie.