Thursday, April 16, 2009

Paul Welday running for Congress against Gary Peters

I don't know who else is running against Peters, but good luck to whoever his opponent is. Welday is stepping up to the plate, so good luck to him.

And this gets me to a side issue. One of my biggest complaints from both Lansing and DC is how quick they are to abandon a race. It's worse in DC, but I've seen it in Lansing as well. These 53% or so democrat seats (like the state house seat Welday ran for - Barnett, formerly Aldo Vagnozzi) should be contested strongly - regardless whether or nor a "favorite" candidate wins a primary.

Welday received close to no help whatsoever in his state house seat. That, as far as I know, wasn't due to major controversy. That was due to lack of major name recognition and declaring defeat before things get started. The NRCC(DC) was much worse. They abandoned incumbents and those who they wrote off as losses, usually because of money. They wrote off Michelle Bachman in Minnesota. She won. They wrote off Tim Walberg. Walberg would have won with a little more help.

Whoever the nominee is for the 1st (Stupak's opponent), 7th (Walberg/Schauer), and 9th(Knollenberg/Peters), and 11th District (McCotter incumbent) needs help. If the GOP is going to get the state house back, keep the State Senate, and gain control of Congress, it starts with the caucus committees, state party election teams, etc, getting his own houses back in order first. Paul Welday or whoever the 9th district nominee is should not be thrown to the wolves. All these seats should be contested. The people being challenged are not Superman, they are politicians with voting records. They are beatable.

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