Thursday, April 16, 2009

The tea parties - A good start, but needs to be sustained.

Back in my football days, we had a saying about the season. It is a marathon, not a sprint. The "season" started in January with offseason weightlifting and conditioning. The hard work in January was to pay off in the fall.

This tea party is a good start. That's what it is, a start. What did it do? It woke some people up hopefully about the spending going on in this country. That is important, but it needs to be followed up. It needs to be followed up with calls to our congressmen, senators, state reps, state senators, and even local officials.

The potential organization needs to be more than potential. It needs to be real, active, and ongoing as preparation for the special elections and local elections of 09 and for the major 2010 elections across the country. That is the true measure of success. I remember an astroturf rally for gun control in 2000 that ended up going nowhere. The pro-freedom groups didn't have the rallies, but had the organization where it counts - votes.

Step 1 was the tea parties. That was a successful step. Step 2 is following up with organization dealing with the reps and elections. That has yet to be determined. We don't win in April. We win in August and November.

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