Monday, April 13, 2009

The Cluster-you-know-what in Hamburg Township

If one of you all back in August right after the primary was having a bet on the over/under for recalls being filed before May, I would have taken that bet on double or nothing. I saw this a long time ago.

Former Hamburg Township Trustee Mike Bitondo has filed a recall petition for township Clerk Matt Skiba.

Bitondo filed his petition Thursday afternoon, and a clarity hearing on the petition language was scheduled for 8:15 a.m. April 24 at the historic Livingston County Courthouse in downtown Howell

One politician from one clique recalling another. We haven't even gotten one year into Skiba's term yet.

This BS is really embarassing my party and my county. I'm fully supportive of the recall system, but it should be used for poor policy decisions (tax increases) and illegal misconduct in office, not for pissing contests and turf wars due to a clique losing the primary election. The good news on this is that it required 2500 valid signatures and will be no easy task.

We as a party just should have had a good scare looking at the last two election results in our county. Yeah, we won it by a decent margin by most standards, but not by ours. 56% is not solid for us. Our largest municipality by population is Hamburg. One thing that keeps our party strong in the county is relatively few screwups compared to some areas dominated by democrats, like Wayne County. We don't have 62 mills on our property taxes, like Detroit. Taxes are lower here, and the bond rate is strong due to the general fiscal responsibility here. I think it can be better, but it still could be much worse. In general, it isn't that hard for the most part defending this county......outside of the cluster###k going on in Hamburg. That's another story.

I can't defend Hamburg, which unless things change soon, is being handed over to the Democrats quickly. Our worst showing in 08 was a three way race in Hamburg where Skiba won with 41.63%. It was a win, because it was a three-way race. Debby Buckland received 38.89% and Hardesty's write-in as an independent got 19.56% Who knows what it would be in a two-way race. In the Hamburg based County Commissioner race, Dennis Dolan won 53-46% over Dave Buckland, Debby's husband, and Dolan generally did not have controversy on the county board. McCain was held to 51% there. I don't know who dragged the ticket down there, but at the very least, the local government controversies in Hamburg are not helping matters. It's not even an ideological fight between "RINOS" and "Conservatives" either.

It's high time for the Republican office holders in Hamburg Township to wake the #@%@ up and smell the maple nut crunch as Denis Leary would say, or we are going to create a nice solid "blue zone" in this county.

Outside of this recall, you all (the GOP office holders in Hamburg) have about three years to man up and turn this township around, or a lot of people are going to be sent home. Matt Skiba, Phil Semprevino, Pat Hohl, Pat Evon, Bill Hahn, Chuck Menzies, and Mike Dolan. They have to step it up and spend their time on township business and not clique business. Skiba's the clerk. Get over it. Semprevino is a trustee. Get over it. The elections are over. Man up and get the job done folks, or someone else will.


Dan Sheill said...

Hey, just wanted to say great blog, arguably the best in Michigan.

-Dan Sheill

bluzie said...

I probably don't have to tell you the Carl Levin did win in Hamburg Township.