Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Filing Deadline coming up, preview of candidates.

We're less than a week away from the filing deadline for the August Primary. Some of the races are starting to come together here. I'm keeping a close eye on the filings.

So far we have a contested race for state senate, a contest for state rep, and three contests for the County Commissioner race.

For the State Senate Race in the 22nd District, we have a primary between Joe Hune (Fowlerville area) and Paul Rogers (City of Howell), with the winner facing Chuck Fellows of Green Oak. Joe did a good job in the state house holding the line on budget gimmicks and taxes. Chuck write a lot of letters to the editor supporting his party. 

For State Rep in the 47th District, incumbent Cindy Denby will likely be facing Garry Post. As recently as the 2006 election, Post had an Ann Arbor mailing address, although he had a Brighton one in the 2004 election cycle.

I don't know much about his views, but in North Carolina he was co-chair of the "Triangle Stonewall Democrats" which works to elect democrats who support gay rights. He supported "Coalition for a Fair Michigan" in 2004, a gay rights PAC, and supported the Matt Millen of Governors Jennifer Granholm and Mary Andersson in 2006, along with several donations to County Party. Is this guy more than a one issue supporter? I saw a lot of generics on his website, but no specifics.

On the County Level, we have three contests for county commissioner

District 3 - All of Tyrone Twp and all of Hartland Twp except 5

Here we have a primary between Tyrone Twp incumbent Dave Domas and Hartland Township's Charlie Aberasturi. Aberasturi ran for State Rep in the 08 primary and has been on Hartland School Board, which seems to do one thing better than many others in the county, stay out of the news. Domas has been a long time county commissioner and has done a good job there. The winner in the primary will fave Dane Morris, a democrat. I don't know anything about Morris.

District 5 - All of Conway, Cohoctah, and Howell City, Howell Twp 1

Here, we have a three way primary for an open seat between Sue Dolato, Jay Drick, and Lou Ann Lathrop. I've known both Sue and Jay for years and think highly of both of them. Sue has my support in a case of vote for Sue, not against the others. I don't know anything about Lathrop.

District 8 - All of Hamburg except precinct 3

Here we have a general election battle. Dennis Dolan, an incumbent is running against Amir Baghdadchi, who I think is a UM guy, but that's all I know about him. 

There's still six days before the deadline, but there isn't a lot of time left before we see for a fact who is in and who is out.

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