Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another assault on our checks and balances

One thing is sacred in our checks and balances of government. Recall. Recalls are rare, but they are there when needed. Democrats hate recalls and have never forgiven the voters in 1984 for kicking out two state senators who voted for a 38% tax increase. That cost the democrats the state senate. The arrogant Lansing elite has been after the recall ever since as they know what's best for us little people.

One of the reasons the con-con proponents want a con-con is becauseof their desire to nearly eliminate recalls by turning them into judicial questions instead of questions to voters.

One term limited legislator, Mickey Switalski, wants to use a backdoor way to eliminate most recalls, by forcing them to be in November. Tim Skubick explains

Under the current law, anyone in public office can be recalled based on “conduct in office.” That means if elected men don’t put the toilet seat down in the unisex johns, the women could force them out of office.

In other words, some legislators believe the recall law is just a tad too liberal and needs some tightening up.

And they have tried to tighten it up over the years. However, each effort has gone up in smoke. Many intimidated lawmakers were simply too afraid to vote yes for fear of what might happen back home with all those anti-government types…and you know who you are.

The Roseville Democrat Mr. Switalski is not afraid. He’s losing his Senate job because of term limits and may be looking for work after his bid to unseat Congressman Sandy Levin goes caput.

Instead of changing the reasons for a recall — the approach that others tried — the crafty senator is coming in the back door. He has legislation to reduce the number of elections in the state.

Currently, local and state governments can hold elections in February, May, August and November. The recall crowd loves to stage its recalls in the dead of winter when voter turnout is low and the chances of recall are high.


Switaliski would revamp the election law to limit recalls to November. That automatically eliminates the two winter elections and the one in summer, which does not draw a lot of voters either.

It’s actually an ingenious attempt to stick a spoke in recall mania, because the legislation is being sold as a way to save money by eliminating elections. The “recall” factor is a hidden agenda.

Recalls need to be left alone. The assault on our checks and balances between government and people need to stop, and Switalski needs to be taught a lesson on this in August in his run against Sander Levin (not that he's any better).

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