Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Court of Appeals squashes the BSTP

Right Michigan has the story

For the fake Tea Party of Michigan.

Mark Steffek's puppet masters,the Democrats are likely a little hung over this morning. Mark Brewer is likely cleaning off his hand and counting the pennies left after suffering another failure of epic proportions in an attempt to deceive Michiganders. The Detroit News reports that the ballot will not see the Gadsden symbol on it this November:

"In light of the plaintiff's failure to strictly comply with the requirements (of state election law), plaintiff fails to establish a clear legal duty on the part of the defendant to certify the petition," the court ruled.

Short of an expensive and approved emergency challenge to the MI SC, its done, over.. fin.

Keep in mind that Oakland County Democrat chair Mike McGuinness, who is tied to the BSTP with his roommate and political director Jason Bauer, was until recently an employee of Secretary of State candidate and convicted criminal George Soros backed Jocelyn Benson.

Ruth Johnson for Secretary of State.


Communications guru said...

Wow, that’s a really strong reason for rejecting the will of the people: the word “the” wasn’t the right size font. The fake, Astroturf teabaggers “values” can’t stand up to political scrutiny, and forcing them onto the ballot sure got you to admit the teabaggers farce was just the militant arm of the GOP. The nomination of a Ruth Johnson also bursts that crap about teabggers getting rid of career politicians? Is there anything Johnson hasn’t ran for? I guess we will see Chris Ward on the political scene again. He was a great guy before he went to Lansing.

BTW, Mark Brewer had nothing to do with this effort to call you teabggers out. But once thing Mark can do is run a political convention, unlike the Republicans. How hard is to check people in?

The Gateway to China guy can’t even run a political convention, and you think he can run state government? Sad, just sad.

Republican Michigander said...

First off, I'm not a teabagger. I don't suck that part of the anatomy, not that there's anything wrong with that.

You've used the word "teabagger" four times. Is there a subliminal message you are trying to say? Does your wife know about that?

As far as Ruth Johnson's support from tea party participants, much of that was due to her going after corruption, like the ISD in Oakland, and the BSTP as well. That is the opposite of Jocelyn Benson and her support of enabling vote fraud.

Communications guru said...

Right, and I’m not a liberal. Does my wife know about want? Gong after corruption? I don’t know anything about this legal petition drive, but it has proved a couple of things:. The first is that the teabaggrs like you are just a fake Republican ploy, that it can’t stand on its own two feet, and all your rhetoric about “career politicians” is just more propaganda.

Jocelyn Benson has never supported voter fraud.