Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pre-convention updates

There's some interesting developments.

1st. Nationally, it looks like another incumbent may be toast. Lisa Murkowski is trailing in Alaska's senate primary. The pundits are shocked, but I'm not. She barely won with 49% in the general election during her last term. Her dad was fired in the primary in 2006. If Murkowski is sent home, that she can add to the list of incumbents losing in primaries. Parker Griffith. Bob Bennett. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick. Arlen Specter. Bob Inglis. Alan Mollohan. Seven incumbents have already been fired.

2nd. Justice Betty Weaver has finally quit. I'm not unhappy about this. First, it can actually lead to better relations on the court, even with a Granholm opponent. Secondly, at this point, I'd vote for Justice Cavanaugh over Weaver. Cavanaugh is more liberal, but at least has some good legal arguments that can be made, whether or not I agree with him. I respect Cavanaugh and how he argues his opinions. Weaver's opinions often have be thinking "What the hell is this?" Weaver has personal grudges against Justices Young, Markman, and Corrigan and lets that get in the way of justice. I'd rather have her simply not run for another term, but that certainly wasn't going to happen. She wants a parting shot because she knows there's no way in hell she would be nominated at the convention, nor did she want to split votes causing a nominated candidate to win.

However, the Republican Party needs to get off its ass when it comes to judicial elections. Mark Brewer has been going apeshit about the Supreme Court races for years, ever since 2000. The GOP has sit back and done nothing. Anyone remember Brian Zahra's race? Mark Shulman? While the GOP sit back, leaving the entire job to the Chamber of Commerce, the democrats went all in for Hathaway and won. Yes, incumbent judges can be defeat. It just happened. Go after Granholm's appointee.

The GOP needs to go all in for Justice Bob Young, who is one of the best on the entire court. However, just as important is the other nominee. Whether it be Mary Beth Kelly (where I'm leaning) or Jane Markey. We need a strict constitutional court, and not have the courts be another political arm for being whatever the winds decide it is. Without a strict constitutional court, we would not have had Concealed carry in Michigan.

3rd. Brian Calley is Rick Snyder's pick for LT. I don't know a lot about him, but what I do know is mostly good. I don't have a problem with it. It's much better than a lot of the other names I have heard suggested. This pick won't scare conservatives.

Lastly, for MSU trustee, I'm backing Mitch Lyons and Brian Breslin. Nugent voted for "significant" (his word) tuition increases.

I haven't decided the other trustee races.

As far as AG and Sec of State goes, I'm still undecided. I was leaning in a couple of directions until I got tired of the negative emails I've received. All this crap does is help Benson who would be an absolute disaster for voter integrity.

There may be some interesting Livingston County election developments soon. Until then, I'll just say that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

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