Thursday, September 23, 2010

Candidate Forum tonight - South Lyon Library

Last minute. Tonight (9-21-2010) from 7-9PM at the Salem-South Lyon library on Pontiac Trail, just south of 8 Mile in Salem Township in Washtenaw County.

There's a candidate forum that includes some Livingston County candidates, including the 22nd district state senate and 66th district state rep seat districts. If you want to see Joe Hune v his opponent and Bill Rogers v his opponent, they should be there.

These are the list of candidates:


State Senate District 15 (South Lyon/Lyon Twp.)

* Pam Jackson (D)
* Mike Kowall (R)

State Senate District 18 (Salem Twp.)

* Rebekah Warren (D)

State Senate District 22 (Green Oak Twp.)

* Chuck Fellows (D)
* Joe Hune (R)
* Todd Richardson (L)

State Representative District 38 (South Lyon/Lyon Twp.)

* Hugh Crawford (R)
* Jeffery Gedeon (D)

State Representative District 54 (Salem Twp.)

* David Rutledge (D)
* Richard Deitering (R)
* David Palmer (I)

State Representative District 66 (Green Oak Twp.)

* James Delcamp (D)
* William Rogers (R)

County Commissioner: Washtenaw County District 2 (Salem Twp.)

* Ken Schwartz (D)

County Commissioner: Oakland County District 8 (South Lyon/Lyon)

* Phil Weipert (R)

Candidates who were invited but UNABLE TO ATTEND:
Oakland County District 8 (South Lyon/Lyon):

* Michele Berry (D)

State Senate District 18 (Salem Twp.):

* John Hochstetler (R)

County Commissioner: Washtenaw County District 2 (Salem Twp.):

* Dan Smith (R)

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