Thursday, September 16, 2010

That's not good enough

Congressmen Dave Camp, Jerry Lewis, and Paul Ryan put out their plan. It's not good enough.

Washington, D.C., Sep 13 - House Ways and Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI) along with House Appropriations Ranking Member Jerry Lewis (R-CA) and House Budget Ranking Member Paul Ryan (R-WI) today sent a letter to their respective Committee Chairmen requesting bipartisan action to help our nation’s economy create jobs.

House Republicans have proposed that Congress work in a bipartisan way to cut most non-security spending back to 2008 levels and to provide relief for our nation’s job creators by preventing the scheduled $3.8 trillion tax hike that will raise taxes on the vast majority of small businesses.

2008 is still a deficit. It needs to be cut back to at least 2000 to get a START. I prefer further than that and to start attacking the principle of the national debt.

We can't go to halfway measures like "cutting the growth" of government or smaller deficits. We need to balance the budget, period, end of story.


Pogo said...

Knowing that you lean libertarian, I'm interested to hear your take on the police arresting the guy who placed a burned Koran in front of a Mosque in East Lansing.

(I'm not condoning this. I think the guy is a **&^&*( for doing this.)

Aside from a possible ticket for littering, isn't this free speech protected by the constitution, just like flag burning?

Dan said...

Personally, I think it was stupid, serves no point, and does nothing constructive. That aside.

I need to read up more, but where was it burned? Was it in a right of way - public? Was it on the property of the mosque - private owned?

If it is the former, I'd argue protected speech. If it was the latter, I would push for prosecution because the individual then trespassed on the property of another to do this act, violating the property rights of the mosque.

Pogo said...

It is an interesting case. Some of the facts are unclear. The partially burned Koran was left on the property of the Mosque, but nowhere does an article state where the Koran was actually burned. It could have been burned somewhere else and left there.

After the incident the City of Lansing offered a $10,000 reward for information leading up to the arrest of the person responsible. The FBI was called in and is assisting in the investigation.

The person responsible turned himself into police after the controversy erupted. No further information, other than he was arrested and being held (last I heard).

Ignoring the fact that we don't know where the actual burning took place, I see possibly littering and trespassing, although we can't be certain he actually stepped on the property of the Mosque to deliver the burned Koran.

I am watching this case to see if they release any more details.

It seems extreme to offer a $10,000 reward and call in the FBI. Certainly stupid stuff goes on all the time. In many cases property owners simply ignore the offense committed against them. In other cases it is simply handled by the local police, sometimes without any arrests or tickets.

Personally, I find it offensive that anyone would do such a thing, just as I found it offensive when that "artist" put a crucifix in urine a few years back and publically displayed it as "art". But just because something offends me doesn't make it illegal.

I'm wondering if this idiot is getting railroaded simply because his offense was against a Mosque. Would the city have acted the same way if it were a burned bible left in front of a church? Very unlikely.

Looks to me like a display of the double standards used by the left.

Dan said...

You don't have to step onto the property to trespass. If you own property next to mine, and if I shoot my gun on my property, and the bullet crosses over your property to strike a deer on public property, that's still trespass, at least under common law tort. Intentionally throwing the Koran onto the property is trespassing.

Generally I agree. $10000 reward is ridiculous. We don't get that for murder or robbery, and there are a lot of robberies in college towns.

I think they are looking to throw the book at this clown. They should....IF he threw a burning Koran into the Mosque. Fire damages (with charge determined through damages). Other than that, give him littering, trespassing, criminal mischief (if he minorly damaged property), or something on that line.

Personally, I don't believe in so called "hate crimes." Those are feel good political correct BS that prosecutors and suburban leftists like to make themselves look good on camera. They don't do anything in reality, but powers that be love it for political statements.

The clown needs a good lawyer fast.