Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another trllion dollar deficit under Obama and Reid

So Bin Laden has been taken out. Great. The politicians didn't screw that up. I'll raise Obama's great of a 0% F- to a 20% F-, which is still a failure. That's amazing it wasn't screwed up because they are FUBAR-ing the deficit here. It's "fouled" up beyond all recognition.

From the AP

WASHINGTON – The government is taking in more tax revenue as the economy improves, but not nearly enough to keep the federal budget deficit from exceeding $1 trillion for a third straight year.

The deficit for April dropped to $40.5 billion, half the imbalance from the same month last year, the Treasury Department said Wednesday. Tax receipts were up 45 percent last month compared to the same month one year ago.

Still, the deficit is on pace to grow to $1.4 trillion in this budget year, according to the Congressional Budget Office. That would be greater than last year's $1.29 trillion deficit and nearly match the record $1.41 trillion deficit hit in 2009.

Obama's legacy is record deficits. This trillion dollar boondoggle would be a record under Bush, who also sucked on this issue. Bush's last year in office had a 450 Billion dollar deficit. Obama talks a game on this with his nose up in the air, but is a absolute failure when it comes to fiscal responsibility, just as he was as a senator. Harry Reid is as bad or worse.

As for John Boehner, the house proposals aren't good enough. The Paul Ryan budget isn't good enough. Right now, from both a policy and PR standpoint, anything that isn't a balanced budget without raising taxes isn't good enough. Take a page out of Mike Pence or Jeb Hensarling's book and push a balanced budget and put pressure on the senate to get a vote. Stop being Bush Republicans on this.

Every time Obama runs his mouth on the debt, he needs to be called out. No more commissions. No more task forces. Just don't spend what you don't have. Balance the budget, or shut the Hell up.

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Jon K. said...

But Republicans control the House which is responsible for all spending bills that come out of Washington... why is the deficit growing under GOP control?