Sunday, May 08, 2011

Filing Deadline is Tuesday for Nonpartisan municipal races

While we don't have major elections here in Michigan during the off years, we do have some nonpartisan races coming up this November (and possibly August).

From the Argus
The field of candidates for the November city council elections in Brighton and Howell is coming into focus, and it features some familiar yet controversial faces.

In Howell, former Councilmember Doug Heins, who orchestrated the firing of City Manager Mike Herman in 1998, has filed to run.

In Brighton, local government watchdog Susan Walters-Steinacker, who attends any and all city meetings, is making her fourth bid for a council seat.

The deadline to file as a council candidate is 4 p.m. Tuesday. Candidates must have lived in the city for two years, be a registered voter and not in default to the city.

The Howell City Council/Mayor races should be quite interesting. The Streetscapes and mini circles (not quite roundabouts) issues there are controversial, and was an underlying issue in the State Senate primary race between Joe Hune and Paul Rogers. There is some cost/benefit concerns regarding that. There recently was an issue about "free speech zones" (based on something that may or may not happen but hasn't happened) as well. I don't agree with Steve Manor on a lot of issues, but he was dead on in calling that proposal out. Will that be a factor in the upcoming race? I don't know. I haven't lived in Howell in a few years, so I haven't followed things as closely as I did there.

We'll find out the final list Tuesday, but currently it looks like the candidates will be:

Howell Mayor:
Gerri Moen (Incumbent)
Phillip Campbell

Howell City Council:
Tom Malloy (Incumbent)
Steve Manor (Incumbent)
Allen Schlittler
Doug Heins
Victoria Hertrich
Daria Devantier

Brighton City Council
Jim Bohn (incumbent)
Chad Cooper (incumbent)
Jim Muzzin (incumbent)
Claudia Roblee (incumbent)
Susan Walters-Steinacker

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