Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Snyder bullies Local GOP over Dick Morris

I heard about this at the 8th district meeting from a few folks. I'm not a real big Dick Morris fan, but this is just damn wrong. Rick Snyder is throwing his weight around trying to bigtime people into pulling their invitations to events where Dick Morris is speaking. Why? Because Morris has the audacity to work for someone who opposes Snyder on his pet issue.

The background is this. Snyder and Granholm are pushing a taxpayer funded new bridge to Canada. It's being opposed by the current private owner of the Ambassador Bridge. Dick Morris is the spokesman for the folks opposed to this.

I don't agree with every speaker a local party has. Now if I became a major power broker in the state, would I go ape over the selection? No. In fact my comments in the past are, "well if he brings in the money" to the party. That's the purpose of these events. I don't agree with Rudy Giuliani on a lot of issues. However, he'd bring a crowd in. I realize that and would be all for him speaking at our events.

Dick Morris was scheduled to speak at two events. It's now one, because of Rick Snyder. Snyder tried to get it to zero, but Oakland County GOP basically said he wasn't going to break a contract with his ticker purchases.

From the Detroit News.

Lansing— Conservative political commentator Dick Morris' June 9 appearance in Metro Detroit has been canceled under pressure, he says, from the Governor's Office.

He will, however, speak at the Oakland County Republican Party's Lincoln Day Dinner on Wednesday. That appearance, too, was in jeopardy when Gov. Rick Snyder's office urged organizers to rescind their invitation.

"I was scheduled and then I was canceled," said Morris, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton who has switched to the Republican Party. "Apparently free speech has its limits in Snyder's Michigan."

Morris, a Fox News commentator, is a consultant to the Detroit International Bridge Co., which owns the Ambassador Bridge and hopes to build a second privately owned span across the Detroit River. Republican Snyder supports a publicly owned span. Many in his party oppose that plan.

"Obviously the governor's concern was directly related to my opposition to his $2 billion bridge proposal," Morris said.

Tom Stroup, chairman of the 11th Congressional Republican Committee, would only say, "The leadership of the 11th District Committee made a decision to cancel the dinner at this point in time."

Snyder spokeswoman Sara Wurfel didn't deny talking to the two groups. "There was just strong concern that Dick Morris is a hired gun with a divisive agenda who clearly doesn't have Michigan's best interests in mind," she said.
Rick Snyder doesn't have Michigan's best interests in mind either, when he raises taxes, pushes for pork barrel projects with tax money, and pushes to censor views he doesn't like.

From the Free Press
"I had a friendly conversation with the governor's office. They were concerned that Dick Morris was not the best voice for us," said the Oakland County Republican Party's chairman, Jim Thienel. "But they left all the decision-making to me."

Thienel said it was too late to change plans: More than 400 tickets to the dinner, which also will features conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, have been sold and programs have been printed.

I don't know Jim well, but he didn't get to be Oakland County's chair without using a lot of diplomacy. That's probably one of the two or three toughest chairmanships in the state with all the geographical interests and factions (it's mostly club based). Jim's nicer than I am and isn't going to publicly rip Snyder over this. I'm sure he wasn't happy about it though.

There's a LOT of grumbling about this, and many folks are lukewarm about him at best to begin with. Keep in mind two things. This is right after the pension taxes, which ticked off a lot of people in the party. Snyder also was never the pick of either most of the grassroots (Split between Hoekstra, Cox, Bouchard), nor the establishment (Mostly Hoekstra). Instead, we basically got a guy in views similar to Andy Dillon, except that Dillon's pro-life, and Snyder is not ($2000 donation to embryo research).

Enter the tea party.
Tea party supporters upset with the June 9 cancellation have booked Morris for an alternate dinner the same night.

Dennis Moore, director of the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus in Washtenaw County, is helping organize the Waterford Township dinner. "The governor called and strong-armed them into not having Dick Morris as a speaker," Moore said. "Just because we don't agree with the governor on an issue, does that mean (we should be) quieted?"

Good. From what I've heard, Morris is actually speaking at this event for free. Snyder will love that.


Communications guru said...

Has Dick Morris ever been right about anything? I always thought a pundit had to be right once in a while to be a pundit, but he’s not.

The only thing you can say is that Morris is a true Republican. You know why he likes prostitutes so much is because he is one himself. He’s the Maroon’s whore. Like Senate Republicans, the only people who support the Ambassador Bridge are those that are paid to support it.

“Rick Snyder isn't even a real Republican?” Are you kidding? His decision to take from senior citizens to give a tax break to business without the guarantee of creating a single job proves he's a proud member the Grand Oil Party.

This is not a “taxpayer funded new bridge to Canada” The money to build it will come from the same pot of money that the Maroon family would use if they could get a permit. The people who use the bridge will pay for it, and not only that, the Canadian government is guaranteeing it will not cost taxpayer money. The fact is all public infrastructure should be tax-payer funded, but this one is not.

I’m happy to hear you “don't agree with every speaker a local party has.” How is Snyder any different? He didn’t tell them not to have Morris speak. Who says Snyder pressured organizers to cancel Morris, besides Dick Morris? That’s guy’s word is suspect.

Andrew Breitbart? There is a class act. Why isn’t he in jail?

Really, who cares what teabaggers say? They are lucky if they can generate 100 people at a rally anymore. Talk about irrelevant. They can go back to being the extreme racist wing of the GOP.

Right, Dick Morris is speaking for free. You don’t really believe that do you?

bmulligan said...

There is a University class called "Modern Leftist Philosophy" in the greater Detroit area and I think Communist guru just posted the course synopsis.

Let's let the private, enterprising minds build any bridge they want. Then, when the need arises, the Leftists can confiscate them under Imminent Domain for the common good. Jeez, don't they teach you Commies anything anymore?

Communications guru said...

Great comeback; especially, as usual, when you are wrong on the facts. Hell; you don’t even know anything about the issue, as does RM.

Ron said...

Hey Comm Guru - i'm currently sitting in a Rattle with Us dinner in Milford with almost 400 people. I wonder if we can barely get 100 people to a rally anymore, who the heck are these other 300 irrelevant people? See ya in 2012 idiot.

Communications guru said...

Looking forward to it; especially takign back the U.S. and Michigan House.