Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Election has officially started in Michigan (also debates)

It may not be November 6th, but the election has started. Ballots are out in some communities. My parents have their absentee ballots. I haven't checked my PO Box yet, but am expecting mine anytime.

AV voting is about 34% of the vote (August primary 2012). Campaigns neglect AV work at their peril. Santorum lost the primary largely due to AV voters in the February primary. AV voting might have made the difference in 2002 for Granholm. I'd have to check that, but the dems cleaned up AV votes that year. It was closer since then.

Debates are coming up. I've already made up my mind for the Presidential race. Lesser of two evils. Again. I'm voting Romney because he sucks less. Obama's the worst at least since Carter and has shattered all the records involving the national debt and budget deficits, not to mention his energy policy and love for $4 gas. Romney can't be worse than Obama.

I'm not a big fan of presidential debates, and oftentimes the winner is the opposite of who I think won the debate. Usually I think both suck. I realized eventually that the debates aren't made for folks like me. They are for non political people. I don't like talking points, and that's what 'debates' are all about. I'm the person who usually responds with "How" or  "Give me specifics" when I hear a talking point. If I'm watching at home, I usually respond with "Bullshit" if the comment is exactly that. Another one of my favorites is "What kind of a question is that?" in response to questions that are frankly worthless. I don't know who is going to win the debate. Usually I think both candidates lose because they don't go in enough detail. What Romney needs to do is first and foremost, stop playing not to lose, push his plan, and explain his plan. Give people a reason to vote for him besides Obama sucking.

Talk is cheap. We have four years of an Obama regime. Before that, he served part of a term as a US Senator and State Senator. Despite his weak qualifications and lack of experience, there's enough there for us to know what he's about. Four more years will be more of the same, and more of the same cabinet.

Romney was Governor of Massachusetts. Before that, he was a businessman and was the main guy with the Salt Lake City Olympics.

Don't look at what they say. They are politicians. Look at what they have done outside of running their mouths.

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