Thursday, October 04, 2012

Last minute stuff

That first debate was big. Romney needed to make a move. He needed to call out Obama point by point on his bullshit. He did that. Is it too late? That's the question and we won't know the answer of that until the results of the election - which already started - are in. This is the first momentum I've seen go his way since Ryan was picked.

Kudos to MRP as well. State Party came through with Romney/Ryan sign shipments to the local victory centers. I think campaigns lately have been about a week or two behind schedule. Absentees are out now and people are making their final decisions.34% of the vote is likely to be in before election day. All that stuff that people say should be ready 30 days before the election now needs to be pushed back to 45 days. That includes signs.

One thing concerning me is the Supreme Court. MRP last election was on top of things with the signs for Justices Mary Beth Kelly and Bob Young. I don't see anything out for Justice Markman, Justice Zahra, and Judge O'Brien. I've seen signs for one of the dems, although not the Hollywood favorite Professor McCormack. Those need to be out ASAP, especially for Zahra who I think may have some trouble due to last name bias. He's an experienced judge and deserves to be retained. He also needs some help this campaign, and right now I'm not seeing anything outside of a couple of TV ads.

Markman, Zahra, O'Brien.


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