Monday, October 15, 2012

Vote Yes on Proposal 5 (2/3rd to raise taxes)

There's a lot of disinformation out there regarding proposal 5 by its opponents. The government class knows that tax increases are unpopular, and also know that without the disinformation, voters will easily approve the measure. This is the text of Proposal 5
PROPOSAL 12-5 A PROPOSAL TO AMEND THE STATE CONSTITUTION TO LIMIT THE ENACTMENT OF NEW TAXES BY STATE GOVERNMENT This proposal would: Require a 2/3 majority vote of the State House and the State Senate, or a statewide vote of the people at a November election, in order for the State of Michigan to impose new or additional taxes on taxpayers or expand the base of taxation or increasing the rate of taxation. This section shall in no way be construed to limit or modify tax limitations otherwise created in this Constitution. Should this proposal be approved? YES __ NO ____
What the government class is saying is that you can't cut taxes if proposal 2 passes. That's an absolute crock of bullshit. I repeat. Bullshit. If Proposal 2 passes, it would take 2/3 to raise taxes, but a simple majority to lower them. What this would do, is limit the "replacement" taxes (like MBT for SBT), tax shifts, Granholm's taxes, Blanchard's taxes, and Snyder's pension tax, push for the gas tax. What this would require is instead of bailouts, actual structural reform that has long been needed. Vote NO on 2,3, and 4. YES on 5. There's arguments either way on 1 and 6. I went reluctant yes on 1, and reluctant no on 6.

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