Sunday, March 23, 2014

Timothy Johnson - Where are we going to get the money?

In my district, HD-42, we have a democrat who has announced, Timothy Johnson.

From Brighton Patch and Judy Daubenmier

A teacher with nearly 20 years of experience in special education has announced that he will run for the Democratic nomination for the 42nd House seat in Livingston County.
Timothy Johnson said Friday he is planning to file his papers for the Democratic nomination with the Livingston County Clerk's office soon.
"The quality of life is no longer improving for 99 percent of the people in Michigan. A few powerful special interests are dictating state policy and private morality for the majority. I want to reverse those trends by speaking up for the rest of us," he said.

The most telling part of the article is this quote. Judy Daubenmier is the Chair for the Democrats, so I highly doubt she will misquote him.

The most critical issues facing the area, Johnson said, are more funding for public schools; increasing spending for Michigan infrastructure, including roads and bridges, and protecting the environment, especially greater regulation of fracking.
Where are we going to get the money?  It doesn't grow on trees. 

Also saw Tim's facebook page.. His views are well out of the mainstream of Michigan, including center-right Livingston County.  He is a self-described "Elizabeth Warren" democrat.

This guy is to the left of 99% of Livingston County.  He spent two years in my county and wants to change us to something leftist by any standard. No thanks. We don't need Wayne County politics here.

On his site, he mentions as reasons for running.

1. Tired of being told men rule. 

Folks, if you agree, we have someone who isn't a man running in the 42nd district. That's not Timothy Johnson.

2. Tired of being told white men rule. 

Wouldn't that include Timothy Johnson? We do have one candidate, arguable two depending on definition of what you consider "white" if that matters, who isn't running in the 42nd District. That's not Timothy Johnson.

3. Tired of being told old white men rule. 

I don't know how old Timothy Johnson is, but he looks older than at least two of our candidates. I'm not sure why "old" or "white" or "men" should matter in the first place, but he obviously think it's an issue.

While is talks about being an NRA member, he's like Michael Moore who claimed to be an NRA member, but he's still a gun grabber. He thinks he should be allowed to own guns, but not the "little people." The Second Amendment is not about hunting. He wants a "serious talk" on gun control, but it's been done election time time and time again. Even in anti-gun states, gun owners in Connecticut are breaking the law by not turning them in. Oh well.

He's pro-abortion. He supports a $15 minimum wage. He doesn't like Rush Limbaugh (that's fine) so he wants to shut him down. This guy can not handle disagreement. No wonder why he's a gun grabber (of other people's guns, not his of course. Typical Union Rep politician).

Luckily we have options. Three candidates are running on the Republican side, all of whom are much closer to mainstream Michigan including our own center-right Livingston County. In alphabetical order:

Nick Fiani

Dale Rogers

Lana Theis

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