Thursday, April 17, 2014

Argus story on Ted Ring

From the Argus:

Retired math teacher and Vietnam War veteran Ted Ring wants to bring “common sense” representation to Michigan’s 47th House District seat in Lansing.
Ring, a Hartland Township resident, has created a six-person GOP primary field for the office representing most of Livingston County.
Ring, who is making his first run for public office, said his background in education and military service make him stand out in the large GOP field.
“I think I can appeal to a lot of people like that. I’m common sense,” he said. “I’m a likable guy.”
Ring said he’s concerned the new Common Core State Academic Standards in K-12 schools could be misleading students at least in math.
The new math and English standards are intended to encourage critical thinking in the classroom, and were conceived through a coalition of governors and school administrators with input from teachers, parents and business leaders.
Ring said he’s concerned the Common Core standards are making math a matter of debate rather than fact.
“That really concerns me. I think we’re screwing up our kids with that,” he said. “Everything I’ve seen doesn’t look good.”

I don't know Ted Ring so I can't comment on him one way or the other.

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